NOMS FOR MOMS: Crispy Tofu Fries!

it's been a while since i've done a Noms for Moms, but i figured since i've made these two days in a row they must be good!  TOTAL GUILTY PLEASURE.

i received this recipe the other day by Nailah (yes, she's 9 and she has a food blog!), the daughter of my sister's best friend.  she's a vegetarian!  i love it!  anyway, she was kind enough to email this recipe over my way and it's been a hit!

a classmate of Moses just turned 3 and her mom brought the most adorable little marshmallow pop treats that look like mini birthday cakes!

he was so good about not eating it until after lunch

rice, toasted sesame seeds, and seaweed

soft & salty inside

hey Marlena, that's your congélateur box still taking up prime space in our dining area

also works great as mini rolls!
kind of looks like a japanese taco

and momo got to have his little treat!
Happy Birthday Peyton!


1 package extra firm tofu
1 cup canola/vegetable oil
2 Tbsp sesame oil
1 Tbsp soy sauce

This is a very simple recipe but I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it's especially quick
because it is a little time consuming.  However, if you have a little time on your hands and your kids are busy building forts or opening a restaurant, then give these a try.  After all the work is done, you'll be happy as a clam as you crunch away on fry after fry after fry....

1.  Cut your tofu into long rectangular fry shaped pieces.
2.  Pour your soy sauce into a shallow bowl.  Mix your cornstarch and S&P together onto a plate.  One by one, coat each piece into the soy sauce and then roll and coat in the cornstarch mix.
3.  Heat your canola and sesame in a saucepan on medium high.  Oil is ready when a pinch of cornstarch starts to sizzle!
4.  Doing 4-5 at a time, use tongs to transfer tofu into the heated oil.  Cook for 2-3 minutes, making sure to turn each one halfway through.  So you see why this is time consuming...  You gotta roll each piece in soy sauce and cornstarch and now you have to fry them in small batches.  Trust me, the combination of crunchy, salty, soft is so worth it!

During my first attempt, I rolled all the tofu pieces before doing the frying.  Today, I rolled and coated half the batch and then started to fry them as I continued to roll & coat.  They are actually small enough that you can do 2 batches of 4-5 at a time.

If you don't want to make them, buy a pack of tofu, invite yourself over and clean up the kitchen afterwards.  I'll make them for you.  

more good things to come!



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