Phanie + Taryn

we're thinking about getting matching MOM tattoos

we were supposed to have a dinner + shopping date on thursday but taryn was unable to find a sitter.  it was postponed til today and it was a GLORIOUS beautiful day.  quite chilly but at least the sun was out all afternoon.

i stayed up until 3:30am last night, working on the new PAUHAUS site.  it is looking so damn good and i am addicted to improving it until the very early hours of the morning!  i didn't fall asleep until some time after 4am and i was shocked at home able i was to get out of bed at 9am.  i probably would have slept in longer if not for the raging pain in my abdomen.  TMI WARNING: i have a mild bladder infection.  probably from never sleeping and never drinking enough liquids to sustain functionality.

kev and i took separate cars into Richmond.  we met with my mom and brother and Gong Gong and Auntie Ping for Dim Sum at Sun Sui Wah.  we ordered quick.  the food came quick.  i think everyone was starving because we snatched and devoured everything in record timing.  the kids loved it as usual.  their enjoyment of the food and the company is a huge slice of happiness for me.  i've been going for Dim Sum since i was in my mother's womb and it is a family tradition from my Dad's side that i can share with them.  i truly hope that they remember my Gong Gong.  they are still so young, but i hope they are able to build enough of a relationship with him to remember his kindness and love when he is no longer with us.  it is a grim thought, but it is a reality.

kevin headed back home with the kids and i picked up my beautiful mommy.  she wore her high riding boots and her long wavy tresses swayed as she walked.  TARYN WHY ARE YOU SO GORGEOUS?  we parked.  she took a photo of where we parked just in case we got lost or forgot where our spot was.

we took our time.  we browsed.  we conversed... UNINTERRUPTED.  no little bodies in tow, no little mouths whining or crying or waiting to be fed.  just calm thoughtful perusing.  we took our armfuls to the dressing room.  hmmed & hawed together in the dressing room.
TARYN: leopard tights, oatmeal basic top, and... ?
PHANIE: leopard dress and one of those tutu tops.  what are they called again?  i'm reutrning it anyway...

then we had Purdy's icecream bars!
1 vanilla dip
2 dark chocolate dips
rolled in nuts

we shopped at Urban Outfitters where i FINALLY spent the $100 gift card i got from Jessica right after Chloe was born.  HAH!  

i bought a rad top and a plaid button up for Kevin.  it's his birthday on monday.  Taryn got a mega deal spending $30 on an adorable sweater with foxes and a pair of raspberry jeans. 

it was getting close to dinner time aka Senior's Hour, so we found the car and drove to Main & Broadway for some amazing sushi at Sushiyama.  I haven't been here since Toddler Art Class days at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre.  

what a perfect way to end the perfect day

i love my moms



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