ready or not

my favourite time of the day

i'm excited.
what a nice change.

busy day but a great day!
woke up early for my dentist appointment in richmond.  i love our dentist office.  all the ladies are so sweet and friendly.  i had a luxurious 45 minute session of ME TIME, while the lovely receptionist temporarily adopted mo&co.  my teeth have suffered, what with these many late nights.  i can't say flossing has been a priority and i paid for it today.  my mouth was tainted with the taste of blood the entire time, but in a very disturbing way, it was almost like... a RELEASE.  like instead of slitting my wrists, i had a very kind lady scraping the hell out of my teeth sharing friendly conversation about her mom life with a 3 and 5 year old.  half dozed in a very comfortable chair with NO CHILDREN AROUND, it was so peaceful to lie there and bleed to death. LOL.

splashed through the puddles in the parking lot back to our car and returned to tsawwassen for a CRAFT DAY at Christine's with her son and her daycare kids.  SPLATTER PAINT BUTTONS.

Christine is so frigging awesome.  she had the kids celebrate the start of MOvember by painting their own moustaches to hold up to their face!  so she had me make buttons of all the kids with their moustache!

we arrived just in time for lunch.  thank goodness i asked kevin to throw some quinoa into the rice cooker last night.  i grabbed some coconut Krema and mixed the two together, grabbed the 3 asian pears on the counter, and 3 samosas from Thrifty's.

plumber butt momo
after lunch we headed outside to splatter paint.  the kids did a fantastic job and had a great time!

once their splattered papers had dried, they each chose the area which they wanted punched out for their button.  

i love doing buttons with little kids because it is 
one part MYSTERY, one part MAGIC and one part SURPRISE! 

they are confused as to where the first part of the button goes with the first crank and after the second crank their button magically pops out ready to wear!


going back next week for another craft session... so excited to have somewhere to free all these great craft ideas from out of my brain and to watch the kids enjoy the fruits of their labour.  i had initially planned to have toddler art classes at the rec centre, but did not manage to get my shit together in time, so this is really the best thing that could have happened!

thank you christine and thank you to all the moms in the hood that are sharing their love and support!  you will not be disappointed.

we headed out into the bright lights of downtown to pick up a couch from my cousin.  the kids were "Wooooooooooow-ing" at all the bright lights reaching so high including the enormous beaming red lights on BC Place!  it was pretty hilarious.  the kids watched Spiderman 3 while Kevin and Chris disassembled and packed up the couch.  the kids were mesmerized, having never seen anything beyond a few Disney cartoons and some Knowledge Network shows.  suddenly, Spiderman was swinging through the air at top speed, bouncing off buildings and saving damsels in distress.  i'm excited for the day we can all go as a family :)

Thanks again Chris! 
we'll come earlier next time to hang out longer!


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