sunny days sweeping the clouds away

yay!  today was sunny!  and warm!  and people enjoyed last night's emo post!  i was worried about getting the silent shifty eye response, but i am so happy that it spoke to you and i truly do hope that you pass on the love.

i had tentative playdate plans with Dani and her kids for today.  wanting to hang out more before they make their move up to Squamish.  mo&co are going to be so sad.  chloe, especially talks about Amie all the time despite her rough ways once they are together.

the plan was to walk up to Ambiente to have a mini brunch with Molly & Charlie.  we ate cereal for breakfast at 10am and had to use chocolate milk since neither kev nor i had remembered to stock the fridge with almond milk.

(chocolate milk)
the kids and i are addicted.  
we usually live off Almond Breeze
but occasionally i'll buy this for a treat and the kids go nuts.  

it was a perfect fall day.  it felt great to huff and puff up 56th with the kids in the wagon.
Molly and Charlie were already inside waiting for the rest of us.  we moved the party outside.

Mint Tea & Cinnamon Bun

it was truly the perfect start to the week!  just hanging outside in the warm sun with some great moms, drinking teas and enjoying delish snacks while the kids played happily together.  like a mini vacay!

Molly & Charlie went on their way and we walked over to Dani's for a mini-playdate before she had to leave for a meeting.  

chloe went down for her nap and i tried my best to get a bunch of things crossed off the TO DO list which included a mini sess with the mo for my photography vouchers.


he'll do anything for chocolate
i guess he gets that from me...



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