he loves trucks trains & tutus
she loves sparkles shoes & batman

made her a spider purse at Fran Depart

bribed her with treats so i could braid her hair again

love it

love these bows from caela


she loves wearing all of momo's clothing
love it when she puts her hands in her pockets

just for laughs
thought i'd share the other photos of moses being moany mo on halloween

oh the 3 year old drama has been kicking me in the balls

so for all of you going through Terrible Twos
try to appreciate the "baby" factor of their tantrums
because the Terrible Threes is a whole other level of bullshit

when they turn three they start giving SERIOUS attitude with defiant straight faced  "NO's" as opposed to just angry/frustrated freakout NO's and they start lying.  he has also begun saying he doesn't want ANYTHING when he doesn't get ONE thing he wants.  nothing will do and he ends up throwing pity parties for himself in his room where he cries up a storm.


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