Thanksgiving Returns

last month's Thanksgiving celebrations were hosted at our home for family and friends.  we slaved in the kitchen and turned a blind eye to the holes in our pockets.  i believe we just received compensation. the tables were turned and we were treated to two nights of fabulous dinners!  and after this week of hell, these dinners could not have arrived at a better time!

Bronwen and Mal hosted their 4th year of Vegan Thanksgiving on Thursday night.  i wait all year for this dinner.  it's like my other Christmas.  the food is so damn good and the company just gets better and better.

our gracious host

working hard

sigh.  another 365 days until next year's feast!  as usual ladies, it was fabulous!  thank you to everyone for helping me entertain/feed/calm/distract my children.  always so great to get out of the house and hang out with friends i hardly ever get to see.

Friday was hell.  After 4 days of pushing myself til 2-3am trying to get all the orders together, photos edited and reedited, entering package orders and additional products, i was just delirious.  once again, i was sitting in this room ALL DAY until Nicole texted me around 4pm asking if we were free to come for dinner.  i don't think i've ever replied so fast in my life!  to everyone who sees all the food i post on this blog and my goals to be a healthy home, on this "last day" of getting the orders out on time, we ate nothing.  breakfast was a cucumber blueberry almond milk smoothie and toast.  lunch was cereal.  chloe took a shit and peed twice on the floor.  the house has suffered greatly this week.  i really really needed that invite and i was so happy it was from Nicole as we have not seen one another in probably a couple of months.  not to mention her home is immaculately clean and they always have great booze!

shoulda busted out the camera.  i always regret it afterwards...
we drank prosecco with chips and guac and salsa while dinner was getting ready.  dinner was bbq pork tenderloin, yam fries, spinach & arugula salad with goat cheese and pomegranates, and a delicious apple cherry chutney!  Rook Moses and Chloe played great all night (except for that time Chloe ran after Rook and banged him on the back of the head with a maracca) and kevin drank enough that he pointed me to the driver's seat when we finally left at 10pm.  i love hanging out at their home.  it's so beautiful and it feels so good to be served once in a while.  thank you both so much for such a treat.  you guys are such great company, can't wait til our Vatican Board Game night next month!

so blessed.  so blessed and so thankful to have such amazing people in our lives.       


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