The Big 30

it's my husband's birthday.  i'm trying to get as much work done right now so i can spend a little time with him before we crash.  it's been crazy busy as you know, i failed to get something organized in advanced so by the time i had sent out my last minute invite for dinner, a lot of people had plans in line.

we had a nice cozy dinner with some good friends.  yummy food and drinks were shared and i think the small gathering was what he needed after a full day of working on his car at his parents' home.

we had WONDERFUL news this morning that Jade had her second baby girl last night!

the kids gave kevin the sweetest birthday kisses in bed
and goofed off in the laundry baskets while kevin opened his gift


moses brought a special birthday gift over from his room 
and placed it lovingly beside kevin's jar of Nin Jiom

we readied ourselves and went to meet baby Nova!
you'll have to wait for the next post though...

we returned home.  kevin took off to continue working on the Falcon until dinner time.

made kevin the lamb meatballs because he can't stop eating them
once again (i think 5 out of 5) they were perfect

i had no dessert, no cake, no pie.
oh, and i didn't mention that i also have some weird throat thing that
makes me sound like i am losing my voice.  

i grabbed the can of Trader Joe's thick coconut cream and whipped it up with a tablespoon of sugar, lime zest from half a lime and 1/2 teaspoon of fresh lime juice, then put it in the freezer to cool.

it was perfect.  sweet coconut with lime zing!  his stomach has been bothering him to the point where he is not even eating the 0% yogurt so i couldn't very well do yogurt and fruit.  this was way better anyway and definitely a reason for us to head back to Trader Joe's!

moses was concerned about the lack of sprinkles towards the end so kevin dumped a bunch more in

i lamented to Taryn over my lack of plans for Kevin, especially since it was his 30th.  
she shrugged and reminded me it's just the way things roll with a young family.
some years will be great and other years where it'll just be another day.

i'm happy to have spent two cozy days with our little family

we love you Kev
wishing you a fantastic year ahead



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