Toddler Art & Crafts at Shooting Stars Daycare

another weekly craft at the Pineda residence aka Shooting Stars Daycare.
this is my fantasy daycare.  i may be biased to the homemade London Fogs and the fact that i love the daycare provider, but sure as hell would send my children here.  Christine runs the daycare from the comfort of her own home with up to 8 kids and two of her own!

a large are of the home is conveniently reserved as the daycare area.  it is so well kept and organized, i don't understand how she does it with multiple kids of various ages and i can't do it with two of my own.  maybe if i were paid to look after my kids it would be different?...  probably not.  BTW thank you Caela for cleaning my house today during your visit.  the clear counter you left behind is once again scattered with debris...

anyway!  this week, i had the kids create their own winter tree, inspired by one of my favourite crafts!

the first set
i initially wanted a huge branch to make a mobile
but i have had nothing but compliments from this jar in our main washroom

taryn was inspired and made one for autumn along with this simple bunting project
see more at aphotographerswife
there is a lot brewing at the Langemann household at the moment so the blog has been a little slow, but take some time to GO BACK IN TIME and really enjoy her stories of motherhood!  you are guaranteed a good laugh.  this girl is an amazing writer and such a loving mommy

inspired by her halloween inspiration
i also made a halloween version!

today's version did not involve paint.  i figured, let's not get too dirty today, well, at least with stains that you can see!  we forfeited paint and decided to go with Modge Podge.  this way, the kids were not required to labour over painting the entirety of their three alotted branches.  with the modge podge, the sticky substance would dry clear. 

 each child dipped and/or painted the top area of their branches and sprinkled their sequins as they pleased in all the right places.  i was impressed by how thoughtfully they positioned their hand to sprinkle.  you could definitely see their creative brains working!

christine is a thinker.  prior to my arrival she had already sat the kids down to paint a custom label for their tin can .  she also cut up small pieces of that-green-styrofoam-stuff-that-you-use-for-flowers (my apologies, i'm sick and was up early and have been working on this computer for probably 10 hours now...) to place in each tin can to stabilize the branches.

once the labels were dried and applied, i had each child take their turn with my Alphabet stamp kit to stamp their names!  these stamps make everything look even MORE fantastic.  don't you agree?!

the finishing touch: white cotton batting for "snow"

great job everyone!


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