Christmas 2012 - The Asians

the 24th has held its place as the Christmas tradition on my mom's side of the family.  every year, long before i was born, my Lola (my mom's mom) would host Christmas until my mom and her siblings were old enough to host.  they began to rotate hosting Christmas and it seems that it might be my generation's responsibility to start hosting... you know, when any of us are able to buy a house in Vancouver...  this year, it was hosted by one of my Uncle's in Vancouver.

traditionally, Christmas day, me and my siblings would open our stockings, inevitably filled with gum, movie passes, chocolates, socks, or chapstick.  on occasion, we'd get a gift card to HMV or one year, my dad actually bought my brother James Bond Golden Eye for Super Nintendo.  i don't think i've ever seen my brother that happy and my mom that pissed off.  HA!  we would then pack up our vehicle for the second time and head over to my dad's parents where there were be another sea of presents awaiting our arrival and the best dinner of my life later on.  since the multiple passings on my dad's side of the family, celebrations have become quieter.  this year, we came together for a Christmas Dim Sum at our usual place, Sun Sui Wah in Richmond.   the kids made a couple snowmen that morning.
chloe found the bag with Momo's old Chinese New Year outfit
Gong Gong & Momo
i have the best bros
momo's on the left and chloe's on the right
you have no idea how much it hurts when he does this
invisible ice cream
 everyone's favourite dessert: black sesame balls
kev and i stil had a bunch of errands to run and cooking to do for the evening's feast.  we dropped the kids off at my mom's house while we ran around town, drove back home, wrapped last minute gifts in between the sautéed asparagus, apple-leek-butternut squash gratin, and fresh sugared cranberries.  we threw on our outfits, cologned/perfumed ourselves, packed the car and drove back out to Richmond to pick up the kids.  we were half and hour late.  my mom called and freaked out at us, but she was still in her pyjamas getting her own things ready when we arrived!  i'm telling you, i know i am going to become my mother.  i'm already 30-45 minutes late for EVERYTHING.  
 the spread
 the clowns
 my darling boy
 Andrew and Laureniferd
 the other two whites
 charlene's amazing gingerbread cookies
 the dessert!
Pumpkin Pie, Picci Picci, Biko, Banana Pudding
Fresh cut pineapple and 2 hours worth of my mom filling that bowl of pomegranates
 some people had a lot to drink...
... i just had one very special cookie
(thank god this photo is not in colour)
 nik and nat
 attempting motherhood
 good solution
 gathering for family group photos
who needs mistletoe?
 rad stockings on nat
 chloe not wanting to share her chocolates
 that banana pudding went so fast...
muscle mania in the kitchen
 i look forward to this ALL YEAR long
 since they share birthdays, auntie lauren figured she and chloe bear should have twin leather jackets.  without a flinch of a smile, chloe pulled out the jacket, handed it to my brother...
 ...put her arms out for him to help her into it ...
 and waited for everyone to look and shower her with compliments
this is how she decided to thank her uncle james
 these kids take advantage of everyone
 Lime Jail
 invisible toddler

it was a riot as usual.  great food, plenty of drinks and the crazy Belonio family.


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