Christmas 2012 - The Wytes

we arrived home just before midnight, glazed over and exhausted.  both kids passed out in the car despite having eaten handfuls of cookies and chocolates and dessert all night.  moses was done but chloe had woken up and sucked her blanket for 20-30 minutes before dozing off in the middle of the bedroom floor.  i stayed up until 3:30am.  the house was in such an awful state, i could not stand the thought of having to wake up to such a foul mess on Christmas morning.  

i also failed miserably at creating any Santa magic.  we had no stockings.  i had not had time to make any.  i threw a plate with cookie crumbs on the table with an empty glass of milk and a Santa hat.  i felt like such a crappy crappy parent.  no stockings, just the Santa hat that they've seen hanging around the house.  i had not even bought a small handful of stocking stuffers, so all i had was an Angry Birds calendar for Moses and the little Kitty Cameo pin for Chloe.  

sigh.  next year.  i promise.   
 needless to say, my eyes were glued shut by the time they woke up.  moses had quietly scootched off our bed, found his pack of chocolates from the previous night, and ploughed through all but two until kevin checked out the reason for the dead silence.
 there were still a couple of gifts left to be opened
 chloe was spoiled by my sister
3 gorgeous jackets from le Gap and a bunch of adorable tops
 a stuffed Hello Kitty!
 i had no idea kevin had been such a great Dad and Husband
he bought chloe her FIRST "Barbie", The Little Mermaid!
i cried when chloe opened it.  i had no idea.  i could not believe he actually did this with all the stress he had been feeling about gifts.  i cried 2 more times in disbelief.  i still remember when i got my first Ariel doll when i was 8.  BEST DAY EVER.  he also bought ME gifts which we had agreed NOT to do! a book called Sh*tty Mom which has been hilarious so far, a photography magazine and an issue of Dwell.  boy, did i ever feel like the biggest donkey.  and even then, he shrugged it off and told me i had been working like a maniac.  bloody sweetheart.
 we made a pit stop to see kevin's Nana and Granddad on the Bluff.  they could not have been happier to see their little great-grandkids on Christmas morning.
 a short little visit but a lovely one nonetheless!
stockings all lined by the chimney with care
opening gifts with the family
the tree
HILARIOUS.  stuffed hammers.
these girls, 2 going on 16
having fun with magnifying glasses
new favourite prop for kiddie photos!!!
dinner and dessert!
delish tarts
baked goods
grandma had each little one create their own christmas cookie
which were all MAOWED immediately
kevin's sad face dessert
 chloe was OUT.  no nap all day, there was nothing to wake her.
my little punk-punk, punk rocker

and thus ends Christmas 2012

more photos to come of today's fabulous communal dinner!
ermergerd it's 3:39am nobody call me until 10am


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