Crazy Christmas Weekend Part 1: Lindsays Annual Christmas Party

wow.  crazy ass weekend up in hurrr.

after momo's christmas concert, the kids got shipped off to richmond with my mom so that i could get as much prepared for chloe's party as possible.  with two christmas parties booked for saturday, i needed as much time as possible to get everything done.  i am just thankful that being born so close to christmas means that your guestlist of 65, is truncated to at least half, making it way more manageable.

the parties were fantastic when we finally arrived.  first stop was in Tsawwassen at one of momo's classmate's homes.  i didn't feed them lunch.  kevin made us tuna melts at 1pm.  i didn't feed them dinner, thinking we'd be eating at the party, but of course we arrived late so it was breads and cheese and cookies for us.  i guess that's what the holidays are about anyway, plus the cheese plate i was devouring was brought by Thierry, the French daddy married to Yuriko who used to come through my til at Thrifty's and publicly shame the pants off of me for not speaking to him en français. naturally the platter included some pretty damn good cheeses.

is it so sad that i get excited at these parties where people are in the next income bracket above me which allow them to have an abundance of Lesley Stowe's raincoast crisps that i refuse to pay $8 for?

such a gorgeous and spacious house.  the sweetest sweetest children with another one on the way!  (and yours truly will be taking some lovely maternity shots yay!)   hosts, Julie  and Rob are another great pair that i've added to my list of favourites.  so genuine, kindhearted and easy going.    we were not able to stay long as we had already arrived late and still needed to drive out to Vancouver for Lindsay's  Christmas Party.  by the time we left Tsawwassen, it was just after 8pm and 10 minutes before our arrival, i received a text from Taryn asking


lindsay compiled a time lapse video of the night and just posted a crazy amount of gorgeous photos.  my favourite so far is the one above of coco bear.  here are my other faves, you can see the whole shabang HERE

lindsays traditional carrot, cream cheese, olive penguins 
 beautiful girls
 chef Neil hard at work/home
yes he is making crème brulée (with pear hiding in the bottoms!)
old time girls 
 my little socialite
 young blood
chloe's new best friend 
you know it's love when... 
momo smoked his head on a planter
a mini gooseegg complete with a mini gash 
the lovely hosts 
opposite conversations 
my new acquaintance ROB 
laughter and joy like this can only come from a mommy
so happy my kids find love and comfort in Tare Bear
 my drunk husband
and his embarrassed son
 my beautiful boy
my darling  
bros before hoes (or is it hos?) 
sexy hoes/hos comme ça...
ou comme ça...?
lucky bear and lucky guy...
the moms put their buns up which meant it was time to go :P

had such a ball!!!!!  
wish we could have stayed later, but needed to hurry back to prep food for chloe's party.

can't wait until next year!




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