Crazy Christmas Weekend Part II: Chloe's Mini Birthday Bash!

cardboard plus a 25 pack of silver pom poms from Thrift Shop for $2
the spread 
veggie rolls
(cucumber, carrot, cream cheese, curried raisins)
baguette with salami and camembert
lamb meatballs with herb mayo
cherry tomatoes with boconccini
veggies sushi (thanks Molly!)
jicama mango red onion slaw
soba noodles
 DIY snow man craft table
 a lot of hide and seek...
(thank you to my cousin Yin Mei in Texas for getting this jacket for chloe!)
 momo had to do without his favourite tutu today
we need to buy this girl some shoes.  she only has 4 pairs of boots.
and apparently those cat shoes hurt her feet. 
 Jenice and Zane bussed from Richmond with Baby Zoey!
fabulous army of mint mini cupcakes from Coco Cake! 
 gorgeous as always
 the Last Supper should have had these cupcakes instead...
 moses was such a sweet sweet boy.  
he kept cuddling up next to chloe, so genuinely joyful for his little sister's birthday.  
i can't believe this is happening...
 these girls are 2 going on 16...
 cutest effing sweater
ready for the snow!
someone just stab me, i love this little girl so much
jingle jangle bracelet thank yous
thank you to everyone who made it!
we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did
thank you for your thoughtful gifts and the warmth of your presence.  i know that chloe felt very loved by all of you.  thank you for helping to make her birthday so special.


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