....Deck My Balls

it is winter.  it is cold.  like need to have string gloves attached to all my coats kind of cold.  it has yet to snow but it's definitely cold enough these days.  really savouring these last days of school.  although i hate waking up in the mornings after 5 hours of sleep, i do very much enjoy the relaxation and company at Franc Départ.  i love having someone make the coffee and boil the water for tea.  i love meeting new moms and making new friends.  i love being able to sit in a clean room on a cozy couch, warming up while chloe happily plays.  she's really into the schedule.  she runs over to me excitedly to wash her hands for snack time and is ALWAYS the last one at the table, often finishing everyone else's food.  she has made her own friends.  she has her favourites: cooking, rice box, and a few puzzles.  she loves painting and is usually pretty interested in the crafts of the week.  at storytime, she has begun to go and sit on her own, even if i am busy doing something else in the room.  she sits on her own for the first while before her attention span gives out.  it's been such a wonderful experience, it's her other home!

my girl
seriously.  Mirka comes up with THE BEST crafts for Franc Départ.
Glittery Star of David ornaments using CINNAMON STICKS
this craft was brought by one of the other mom's that runs an in-home daycare.  this was not the original craft, but apparently her son started popping holes back in like a puzzle and thus THE BEST CHRISTMAS CRAFT EVER!!!!  FOAM + SCISSORS + HOLE PUNCH. chloe LOVED doing these!  the possibilities are endless and once you have filled all the holes you can pop them out and do them all over again.  and absolutely perfect craft that is both fun and fantastic for their fine motor skills!
gloves sent with love from Jess in Toronto for the kidlets
adorable and styling as usual... 
normally i'm not into a lot of the Saje products, but i have been loving the festive scent of this diffuser that kevin's mom gifted to me a year or two ago.  they fill the room differently than candles.
a little spicy and a little sweet.
my new stash of David's Tea courtesy of Leanne!  
Pumpkin Chai
Organic Cream of Earl Grey
Organic Cold 911
(peppermint, juniper berries, orange peel, natural eucalyptus and orange oils)
Leanne, really really REALLY stoked on the Cold 911.  love the soothing eucalyptus.
normally i'm not that stoked about Christmas cards, but it is such a treat to receive ones as thoughtful, beautiful and detailed as this one.  thanks Lauren and Mandrew :)

i managed to create and print out my inspiration board and have begun working on the party crafts.  need to finalize food, but at least most of the things i'm making are quite easy and manageable.  very excited to have the lovely Lyndsay from COCO CAKE doing an army of mini cupcakes for cocobear!

alright.  must continue.  kids are at my mom's until tomorrow evening so i can get this one man sweatshop working!

stay tuned for momo's concert post tomorrow night!


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