Dinner at the Flan's

sigh.  this is a nice kind of busy.  not completely overwhelming.  i can actually step back a little or take natural photos of my own kids and finally start doing our own Christmassing around here.  at least for one day...  kevin gave me saturday so i gave him sunday.  he made delish pancakes for breakfast before he took off to work on the car WHICH YOU WILL BE HAPPY TO KNOW you'll be able to stop hearing about as it is ALMOST done phase one!  exterior paint, headliner and partial upholstery in process.

the day was spent cleaning and catching up on other work.  the day passed quickly and before i knew it, we were in the car heading back to east van for a very lovely and generous dinner at KLF's home.

moses: why is the elevator tiny?
to a tee
you should really get this tattooed, girl...
her decorations were up, of course
it has been quite a long time since i've visited her place.  i heard all about redecorating back in the summer and i have to admit i am jealous of how great it looks.  wish i didn't have commitment issues about things going on the walls.
her mom's polaroids from Rome in the 70's and KLF's baby butt on the beach
we had pickled red onions with smoked salmon from Haida Gwaii to start
and a full blown entree of cedar bbq'd chicken, mashed potatoes, green beens, and roasted beets
perfect in every way
there was a lot of moany mo going on
nothing a little unicorn horn couldn't fix though
by the end of dinner i was drunk as a skunk and passed out on the couch through the first of 3 plays of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  woke up in my own drool feeling great and hit the patio with Milos just in time to really really enjoy the end of Home Alone.  no wonder they show this movie every year, it's a frigging classic.  i used to watch it all year round with my brother and this was the first time in probably 10-15 years that i have seen it.  it's brilliant and it was such a treat to relax, laugh and watch Moses' brain wrap itself around all the crazy pranks.
au revoir!
we finally said our goodbyes and i stumbled up to Lindsay's apartment on the way home to return all her lighting equipment.  

a perfect night to celebrate all the crazy work from the passed month!  thanks K&M for a great evening!  such a pleasure to hang out in the city with childless friends :P


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