Getting My Christmas On...

i'm not sure if i should be letting myself "relax".... in fact i really need to get my ass moving for chloe's birthday because i really have next to NO TIME with this week's schedule.  MOM'S ONLY drinking and appies tonight.  thank god it's walking distance JUST IN CASE things get a little sloppy.  i'm going to have to be careful since i don't actually really know a lot of these moms...  could be a problem...

school in the morning

free!!!!  hopefully my mom can take the kids!

free morning/afternoon
local Christmas Party @ momo's classmate's
lindsays christmas party at night

chloe's petite fete

so yeah, not a lot of time to plan let alone set up!

happy i gave myself a small break to bring some holiday cheer into our home.  we hung around the home for the most part, still tyring to sort through all the mess from the passed couple of weeks.  OUR HOLIDAY CARDS ARRIVED MONDAY!  kevin typed out the addresses for 90% of the list and i spent yesterday adding a few extras.
our beautiful little script typewriter, Olympia

the list gets bigger every year...
this year i ordered 100 though i may still have 15 or so leftover
the time and money definitely add up so we try our best to hand deliver as many as possible
my attempt at an advent calendar fell through the cracks.  i can't do EVERYTHING.  ARGH.  we also have no space in our home to put up our christmas tree so i decided to convert our Fall display into a Winter display with a tiny tree.  
it's been a great year so far with handmade/crafty ornaments!  thanks to Franc Départ, we have at least 2 ornaments each week!  the bracelets from FiberLab, nevermind, i was going to say they made perfect ornaments but i failed to notice for 4 days that the label says ORNAMENT.  that's how out of it i am...  and this lovely one below was made by craft queen KLF!  now apparently i wrote that the chicken was cedar smoked but it was actually CHERRY WOOD smoked.  i mention this because i am about to tell you that this ornament is made with cedar but she might very well correct me here, too!
she had a bunch of these made for friends!  SO beautiful!
we have a total of 4 cards on our humble mantle display.  this lovely Snowman is a handpainted original by kevin's older sister, Jen.  SO TALENTED.  

ok.  received another GORGEOUS card from my cousin Lauren yesterday and we made more fab ornaments at Franc Départ this morning but i seriously need to figure out chloe's party!



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