Got Craft!

oh man.  i'm so happy that i have a bit of a break this evening!  finally completed the template for our holiday postcards and placed the order.   with that out of my hair and a chill evening ahead, it is time to start crafting!

saturday & sunday
december 8 & 9
10am to 5pm
The Croatian Cultural Centre
3250 Commercial Drive

so a little bit about GotCraft for those of you who are not as involved in the craft scene.  it's Vancouver's Largest Indie Craft Fair.  i've been involved in GotCraft since the Winter 2008 Holiday show and have continued to partake in this particular show because of the high standards for quality vendors (yes, i know i'm just SO fantastic!).   by popular demand, Andrea and Rob began hosting a Spring show, making next week's show their 12th!
here i am at my first show, 3-4 months pregnant with Momo bear
(ugh look how young and beautiful my face was!)
and two years ago ready to pop Chloe out!

the show gets better every year.  the line-up that curls around the Legion is a joke, especially during the cold (and often) rainy November/December months, but it's because the SWAG bags are always stuffed with the most awesome goodies, made with local creativity & love.  
my swag bag contribution
you can't buy that in a mall!  the goods are local and handmade so you know you are giving back to your own community!  you know you are supporting people that are passionate about their work and now that there is a greater number of FOOD vendors, you can also fill your tummy while you shop!  
i especially love the gluten free epicurean and granola girl
but this year also boasts raw infused honey, handcrafted chocolates, and locally sourced jams!

last year's gluten free epicurean menu:
Vegan German chocolate cupcake
Vegan carrot cake cupcake
Vegan mint brownie
Pecan pie tarts
Vegan double chocolate chip cookie
Double chocolate chip cherry cookie
Salted no oat cookie
Ginger cookie
Lemon lemon loaves
Cheese biscuits- egg free
Cheese buns- egg free
Banana bread- sugar free
Peanut butter cookie brownie

for the girl whose wardrobe is 95% Wilfred and Talula Babaton, she will fall in love with EVERYTHING made by kove.  
so west coast, so Vancouver.

last year i treated myself to the Captain Fringe in grey
but i'd take one of everything in every colour if i could

there is something for everyone on your christmas list.  deliciously organic treats, beautifully designed stationary and prints, jewellery & screenprinted apparel, home decor, beauty products, pop-culture novelty items, ceramics, textiles and of course items for babies and toddlers!  check out the vendors list!

a set of buttons i made last year
you will recognize the Crafty Fox as Andrea's Profile Pic on the Facebook Page
every show, Spool of Thread encourages shoppers to get in touch with their craftier side by hosting a DIY Table with an adorable little craft!  this year, choose your favourite colour combo to make a felt Holly brooch for your blazer or bag!
there is going to be a LetterPress Workshop from 3-5pm both days for only $15 (plus HST).  attendees will have the grand opportunity to use a Kelsey 3x5 press, a perfectly tiny sized press that can fit on your tiny apartment counter or kitchen table!
and because it's the season of giving, for this year's show, WE LOVE VAN is donating 240 of these sweet styling water bottles to the show, 50 of which will be found in the lucky Swag Bag winners!  so now you're supporting local vendors, getting a Swag Bag full of awesome goods, eating delish food, making sweet crafts, AND 10 cents of of every WE LOVE VAN bottle goes towards the homeless in the GVRD.  it doesn't get much better than this.

COME TO THE SHOW!  i'll be there all day saturday selling my buttons, my blah blah blah tees with a NEW NEON PINK ADDITION, my Holiday Greeting Cards, and framed Fairytale Prints.  ALL WHILE GORGING MYSELF on baked goods.
Models from American Apparel
Screenprinted by hand onto the soft cottony comfort of American Apparel tees!
i scrapped the black (less popular) and kept the light blue, grass green and heather grey
the neon pink is not so neon in this photo, but i should have mine done by early next week and will be sure to take photos of MO&CO!

so now you know what you are doing next weekend!
can't wait to see you and to hear all about the fab finds you never would have found anywhere else



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