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what a weekend.  i can't even describe the orgasm of freedom i am feeling now that all this craziness is coming to an end.  we dropped the kids off on thursday night to stay at my mom's.  i stayed up until 3am getting as much done as possible for Friday set up.  SO HAPPY that they planned set up for the previous day!  2-9pm, but since i had to pick up the kids in richmond and drive back to tsawwassen to drop them off at kevin's parents while we went to his work dinner, i didn't have much time to set up.

managed to get everything set up except for my buttons rack 
which i still had to be done later that night after kevin's work party. 
i did not plan on staying at this work party late.  the venue was not that great this year and i had so much on my plate to finish.  by 9pm, i had sobered up on my 1/2 glass of wine.  kevin was still going after a 5 drinks and a shot.  i left him to go pick up the kids and get them home and ready for bed.  my husband did not call or return home until midnight or so.  i was not pleased with this.  i needed help and on top of that, he knew he was going to have to deal with the kids on his own for the day.  a late night with a hangover is not the person you want looking after your kids.  oh well.  his choice.
dear ainge, the mountains were beautiful on the drive in!

the day went well.  having it at the Croatian Cultural Centre was the best idea!  with so many loyal fans and curious newcomers, the new venue allowed people to spread out, enjoy their personal space and not sweat like pigs!  kev and the kids tagged along.  they stayed for a while in the morning, left to play, came back with lunch, hung out some more, left again for a drive and a nap, and returned at the end of the day.
i was minding the table (Sassy Contessa) of my dear friend Miranda (Blue Olive Photography) as she had to run in to photograph a birth!  she was selling like crazy and by early afternoon I had hit an emo wall.  it wasn't until a few more friendly faces showed up that my spirits were lifted once more.  i was exhausted, starving, and bummed out that i didn't get a chance to peruse the new vendors or eat the food i had been fantasizing about all week.  i had visits from Lyndsay (cococake), Leanne, Lindsay, Mal, KLF & Milos, and Niki who was so kind to bring me a London Fog near the end of the day.  KLF took the role of my manager as she does every year.

so just a few things from the day!
i am in love with FiberLab and their clean gemoetric products.  these paper bracelets arrived in a spectrum of pretty colours.  at first glance, they look like they are teeny tiny and WHY WOULD THEY MAKE THESE FOR CHILDREN???  BUT, the cool thing is that they "stretch" or rather they expand from their tight folds...
 to slip it over your hand...
and voila, once it is over your hand, you pinch the folds back together!
did a little tradesies with Andrea from Roxy Pop.  Barba Papa buttons, clover bobby pins and this very very awesome Cat Cameo for little Miss you know who!
yup.  again.  at the very end of the show, kevin showed up with the kids and as it had slowed by this point, i did a quick run around of all the vendors before hitting the (oh so conveniently located) Kove table.  well, really it was a tiny corner but the goods were piled in thick knotted heaps, calling out to me!  i went with a soft mint twisted headband.  100% Merino wool, a super soft and stretchy no-itch headband for those bad hair days and cold days where your ears need a little coverage! 

the show was an all around success!  
sold prints, shirts, and buttons to very happy customers with the help from Square.  
every vendor was given two of these cute little devices that plug into your SmartPhone or iPad to allow vendors to take VISA payments when shoppers are lacking cashola.  it's idiot proof.  it's lack-of-sleep proof.  i'm pretty sure Moses would be able to use it no problem.  
Enter the Amount
Swipe the Card
Have the customer sign with their finger
Type in their cell or email and hit SEND RECEIPT
it's just that easy
you can even type in a description of the item you are selling to keep track.  the ipad app offers even more, mimicking an actual cash register with all your inventory pre-entered and ready to go!

GotCraft and Tiny Mr brought another surprise for all of the weekend shoppers
just a few of the photos we took to distract the children hahaha

our long day finally came to an end.  we stuffed the car and made our way back to Tsawwassen for a lovely family dinner at my Sister in Law's.  perfect way to end the crazy day!

Thank you to Rob and Andrea for another successful Got Craft show!
always a pleasure working with you


  1. Thank you thank you thank you - I still owe you big time :) xo!

  2. Holy smokes you are a wonder woman, lady!! Funny I wondered where Miranda was!! You look beautiful in these pics! Love the knit headband on you! Those square devices seem super awesome too...

    Seriously. Wonder woman and mega mom! Xo


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