Holiday 2012 Wrap Up

the postcards and 8x10 have been delivered.  the additional orders of prints, accordion books and discs of high res images have found new homes.  only a couple of collections to be made and i will be done with my first Holiday Sessions!  it was a fantastic experience overall (though i did not feel so in the thick of things...).  i gained so much experience, learned so many things, and realized how many more things i need to jump on in order to bring you the very best!  for this, i am truly very excited!
who knew that keeping printable CD labels from 2006 would come in SO handy and look SO beautiful on my new laserjet printer 6 years and two children later!  make sure to ditch gold cd's next time though...
it was crazy to turn our tiny 1040sq foot condo into a mini studio space
but i love that my kids were able to see me working my ass off
(didn't hurt that i didn't have to haul things in and out of cars either...)
so glad i married a white wrapper!
i am the worst gift wrapper on the face of this planet.  i should have taken a photo of the one i did in order to convince kevin that HE needed to take on the job.  just abominable.

i will be investing in some brown paper bags and packaging materials for the future, but i truly loved how these packages turned out!  inspired by the "fake" prop presents used in the photoshoots, these packages were happily received by all.   
found some adorable fabric with silver crowns for buttons and decided to add one for little Paige
so cuuuute!!!!

very excited for next year's Holiday Sessions!
hope you all had a fab weekend



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