Holiday Communal

 we are night owls.  after our lovely Christmas day chez O'Brien, kevin and i stayed up late checking out the Boxing Day Sales for a new camera.  $1200 later, we did not venture out into the Boxing Day craze.  
 kevin made us a cozy French toast breakfast before heading out to work on the Falcon (which is looking like a huge piece of sexy meat btw) and the kids and i went to veg out with Michelle and Ethan.  we started off with a little walk around the neighbourhood before having soup and hot chocolate.  the kids played and watched a few shows and we did a little tidying before heading back to our place for an impromptu communal dinner.  i still had so much to clean, and Michelle, like a Superwoman, cleared and polished my counters, vacuumed the main area, and cleaned up the kids' room.   around 5pm, Cait texted "what are you up to?" and before i knew it, all of us plus Cait's mom Norma joined us for what ended up being a fab communal dinner!
moses gave ethan the choice of what colour tutu to wear
Ty and Momo maowing cheese and crackers
Norma brought a very VERY nice white wine
 cait whipped up these appies.  gluten free crackers, cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, red onion and dill.  little chloe loved them!
spinach salad with goat cheese, tomatoes and nuts, braised pork, white girl rice, local crusted halibut caught by Cait's hub Rob, steamed butternut squash and broccoli, corn, sautéed mushrooms
our current card collection :)
the kids settling down for Cars
multiple tins of cookies.  Saara and Leila joined us for a quick visit and brought over some homemade gluten free gingerbread men
kevin drew some crazy pictures with the kids
the moms chatted away in peace 

i am looking forward to more of these get-togethers before January's crazy schedule kicks in!


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