Momo's First Christmas Concert

they've been practicing for this night for quite a while.  actually, i had no idea they were doing this until one of the mom's brought it up and mentioned the song sheet that i was supposed to have to help moses practice!  of course, this happened about two weeks ago...  i tried practicing with him with a drum and playing it on the xylophone but for the most part he was uninterested in my participation, especially when it was interrupting his play time or tv time.  

the last few classes were quite hilarious.  as the parents gathered in the coat room at the end of class, the door would be shut and we would all snicker as they BELTED out the song together!  

it was a busy day trying to start all of chloe's birthday details and by the time i had found my groove, it was time to make my contribution to the after concert potluck.  knowing there would be mostly desserts , crackers and cheeses, it was a good thing that the only food in our fridge were the ingredients to make the butternut squash, apple & leek gratin.  after the timely prep, i popped it in the oven and frantically tried to get the three of us ready.  we were late as usual, but still on time enough.  the hallways leading to the closed gymnasium were PACKED with parents.  
frazzled teen mom squeezed through the crowd towards the gymnasium, removing moses' coat and bribing him with chocolate treats if he would wear a scarf to fashionably hide the bleach stain on his dress shirt.  yeah, i felt a little overdressed and even a little silly compared to one of my mom friend's who was in her scrubs having either just arrived from or set to leave for an evening shift, but i love getting dressed up and moses' first christmas concert was certainly a special occasion.  i gave myself permission to enjoy my outfit.
the kids seemed a little confused and out of sorts in front of the massive crowd of parents all scrambling for a decent place to take photos and videos of this special night.
the anticipation was intense.  huge smiles were plastered on every parent, eagerly awaiting the sense of pride that would soon wash over them and melt their hearts.
without further ado!

as you can see, moses made this night VERY memorable by picking his nose and eating it instead of singing.  i can not wait to show this video to all his future girlfriends.  my sister is writhing in her seat right now.
following their boisterous serenade, the teachers had families come up to the front and wish everyone Merry Christmas in their mother tongue.  the kids did not enjoy this.  they squirmed impatiently, wanting to go back to their parents.  luckily, the were pleasantly surprised when Santa entered the gym and handed out little candy canes!
it was a very enjoyable evening.  we snacked on everyone's yummy foods and desserts, met new parents and caught up with the usuals.  the kids ran around like crazy, working up a sweat and laughing with their friends.

i can't believe this is my life.  
i can't believe he is going to be 4 years old.
sometimes i don't even know who this little guy is or how he arrived here.
i don't recognize him from the day to day, i have to stop myself and really look at him some days, to really appreciate every detail, from his idiosyncrasies to the ever changing shape of his nails.  everyday, he is less mine.  everyday he is more worldly, breaking out of his shell and becoming his own person.

my sweet sweet little boy
so proud to be mama to this beautiful little guy


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