My Baby Chloe

december 19 2010
my little mochi mo

 december 20 @ 7:25pm
she arrived
 her poor little face battered and swollen by my vajayjay
renée helped bring her into the world 
 we ALL are babies in this photo
learning her smell
 falling in love

 victory cookie
daddy love
 december 21
her little button face
 moses arrives to meet his little sister
he looks confused, a little apprehensive, but still willing to trust us
how frigging tiny are they!
 the start of a beautiful friendship
the start of juggling two 
december 22
chloe looks into the distance (a few inches) unsure of what lies ahead...

december 23
first day at home

chloe was peeking from her doorway as i went through these photos.  it was very late and she should have been asleep long ago, but it was her birthday and she seemed very interested in who this baby was, so i propped her onto my lap, held her close, rested my lips and nose in her soft clean hair, and showed her these first 3 days of her life.  i tried not to cry.  

"baby chloe!"
"that's daddy!  daddy hold ME!"

we love you chloe bear
we love you with hearts that ache from bursting
you have brought unfathomable joy to all of us
it is a wonderful life


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