Paboom! Baby Buttons! Silly Family!

yesterday, i got to work at Paboom.  

Tanis needed to peace out and i was pulled in to mind the shop and greet the shoppers with Mike.  it was AWESOME.  first and foremost, i bought a dress from H&M back in May in hopes of wearing it for Momo's UP! birthday party.  sadly, i was in denial that it "fit" me.  it did and it didn't.  it SHOULD have fit, but i wasn't quite there.  i tried it on a few times after and since then it's sat rolled up in its bag, half expecting to be returned...  IT FITS ME.  IT FITS IT FITS IT FITS!!!!!  not even like "oh yeah, if i just don't move, it's fine" or "as long as i don't try to stretch my arms out at 90degrees or higher..."  it just FITS.  i kept expecting to have to suck in and feel some strain/pain when kevin did the buttons, but there was NO PAIN, not even minor discomfort!  it just FIT.  GLORIOUS!!!!!!!

so that was the best part.  i did my make up.  my hair wasn't totally fried looking.  I LOOKED NICE.  i looked more than just presentable.  and i didn't have to chase/chastise/cook/feed/clean ANY CHILDREN for multiple consecutive hours.  when lindsay and coral dropped by to say hello, lindsay commented on how happy i looked.  yes.  it definitely feels good to be in my original skin!  how refreshing.  i also had michelle diza (whom i haven't seen and only stalked for a couple of years now...) and my cousin chris drop by to say hello.  what a treat! (they of course totally ended up buying a few things ho ho ho...)

the shop had moved things around since my last visit and they brought in new items that i really want to buy.  

local Vancouverite Matt Hornland from Cantilver & Press has a few of his (singles) Wolf Den coat hangers for sale.  i want two of these for my front "foyer" since we have no space for a coat rack.  
my other *love* is these canning jars by WECK. 
Freezer Safe.  Microwave Safe.  Dishwasher Safe.
Beautifully design jars in a wide range of shapes and sizes for canning or storing leftovers, smoothies, cocktails, soups, lunches, desserts... whatever you want!  apartmenttherapy shows how The Kitchn repurposed Weck pickle jars into light fixtures for their restaurant!  

it was a nice flow of shoppers, leaving happily with their new finds.  at the end of the day, i made my decision of what i would bring home for my own goodies...
Spike Earrings

the only downside to having worked this afternoon shift is that it collided with a baby shower for my cousin's wife, also named Stephanie.  she's due in February!  with so much on my plate, i only managed to get a mini set of buttons made for her little one. 

later that evening i made more...
and more!
i think kev and i watched 3 episodes of Conan while i popped these babies out!

currently editing a bunch of high res photos for a few of the Fundraising families.  spent most of today trying to clean up for the three photoshoots i have set up for tomorrow!  had a hilarious time doing test shots with my crazy family.
karate chop!
my silly boys
boys laughing like anime school girls 
a few twist & shouts
love this last one here with kev and chloe x x x x x x



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