random awesomes

what is this? you ask...
it's a decomposable bread bag that is being used to hold decomposable diapers
100% awesomeness
0% guilt
legos with moses
Fig. 1  Ariel living with her pet sharks and dinosaurs
Fig. 2 A luxurious snake house with pillows for his head and tail
and a golden drinking trough
after a delish lunch with Nene and Matt at Foundation (while i ran around picking up and dropping off my t-shirts for Got Craft...) i found the four of them at Lucy's diner ploughing through milkshakes!
this dope drawing of a sun (with bright pink cheeks) 
was inspired by his brilliant sunburst train track design
(yup i totally just gloated)
i made a delicious stir-fry for dinner.  i regret not taking a photo because it was so good, but i was so tired and hungry after having an extended day with the kids while kev attended a farewell dinner.  neighbour glamazon cait made a bunch of cupcakes for her family dinner and saved us some of her extras!  what a PERFECT treat to the end of a long day!  chocolate with orange buttercream and lemon with buttercream topped with a raspberry!  as you can see, somebody went sneaking into them with a finger while mom wasn't looking!!!!  they tasted delicious!!!!
so apparently, kevin's family peels oranges to look like elephants
yeah.  they totally look like elephants.  elephants.
i am a ten year old boy.

that's all for now!

next post:
kids posing in Blahblahblah shirts
my fab day working at Paboom  
(plus the rad earrings and screen print i bought)
and the cutest little baby buttons you've ever seen



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