The Big 2

Chloe's birthday fell on Momo's last day of school before the holidays.  Christine had given me a GC to h&m the previous day so I decided to put that towards getting those neon pink boots as a surprise for her birthday.  After I dropped moses off at school, i shared a London Fog at Christine's and she happily took care of Chloe while I drove out to grab the boots.  Of course, during this small window of time to drive there and back in time to pick up Moses, there was an unusual amount of traffic.  And of course because I knew we wouldn't have much time to finish our Giftmas shopping after Whistler, I felt obligated to grab a few last minute gifts.

 I was late.  Thankfully the teacher was so kind and understanding, she told me not torush as she would be around for the afternoon class anyway and would stay with mosesuntil I arrived.  He was having a lovely tea party when I finally burst through the doors.

We did it!  We made it through his first semester of ore-school!  We raced one another to the car and drove to Christine's for an extended playdate.  We arrived just in time for lunch followed by a surprise chocolate brownie cake for Chloe's birthday!!!!!!
Everyone gathered to sing Happy Birthday :)
look at all these little guys, this was so sweet and thoughtful
sigh, my little girl
love seeing momo be such a loving older brother
Christine has seriously lucked out with the best well behaved kids for her daycare
it was such a perfect little visit.  it's always so nice to have company when minding children.  sharing good conversation, laughs, and warm tea always makes the day go faster and lightens the load.

i rested up, wrapped chloe's gifts, and cleaned up before we headed out to Marugo for dinner!
moses got his commie change purse back from last week's party at Rob & Julie's.  
this girl makes my heart ache so much
i was the worst kid out of my siblings, and i know karma is going to be really bad
i am dreading the day she screams that she hates me because i don't understand her teenaged heart
i will remember all these tiny kisses we shared
crossing my fingers Marugo doesn't lose its magic comme Red Tuna
their tuna tataki and their Crispy Spicy dynamite roll topped with tuna are my faves
they both insist on chopsticks no matter how difficult.  momo's favourite is the sunomono salads and likes veggie rolls.  also just into noodles in general.
chloe loves EVERYTHING.  she tried her first sashimi and LURVED IT!
she loved the tataki and crispy/spicy dyno roll.  she was a little surprised by the spice but insisted on eating a second one.  i waited a little longer to introduce her to sashimi because of her allergies.  i figured, she loves food so much it wouldn't matter if i waited until she was a bit older.
greasy happy hands
talking to auntie michelle on the phone
dessert at home!
i made her a cat card :)
chloe checking out the birthday art momo made for her
she opened the boots
she was not at all as excited as i thought she would be
especially after opening the Hello Kitty umbrella my mom bought her

a few little videos still to come.  
one of these days i'll figure out how to make them upload faster.


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