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the days are really just a huge foggy mess.  i almost passed out two hours ago but somehow i managed to push through it.  so i'm here.  should probably be trying to clean the house so New Year's Day isn't a total sty...  but it's been an exciting day.  haven't done an extended family shoot for a couple of months with all the Christmas family portraits, so it was resfreshing!  and the sunshine that finally decided to prove its existence was a real treat as well.

i like Linnea.  mutual friend Leanne and mutual parental slavery brought us together through Facebook.    originally from Ladner, she, Joel and her twin monsters L & M have moved to Toronto and are currently visiting for the holidays.

it was such a pleasure to connect in person after months of internet friendship.  the last time i remember hanging out was probably two summers ago when our girls were much much younger.  only a few months younger than chloe, L&M are now full blown little girls running around and yapping in toddler tongues.

this photoshoot almost did not happen.  i went scouting 3 times yesterday in between errands and naptimes.  my camera stopped working at my second location and although it was acting different in a way that made my heart drop, i ignored it, hoping it was just a dead battery.  after charging the battery, the camera refused to show any signs of life.  at 9:15pm, i called Saara in hopes of borrowing her camera but she also had just killed her battery (for the first time since she bought it) and had no idea where the charger was.  we called London Drugs and they just happened to have ONE last battery in stock and would be open until 10pm.  the batteries don't come charged so i had to buy it and bring it home to charge first.

no dice.

fuck fuck fuck.

sat down on Facebook and felt like an idiot when i see Michelle on my feed and wonder why i didn't just ask her in the first place when she also has the same camera.  i call her up, met her outside and let out multiple huge sighs of relief.  THANK YOU MICHELLE.  once again you have saved me from great peril!!!

a few of my favourites from today!

made mini crowns!
 so punk rock
cry babies
could have done this sort of shoot all day
 i love this one so much

one of my challenges as a photographer is weighing technical/compositional photos with photos that i know carry emotional weight.  getting down to the final picks causes me great anguish because i know the feelings of seeing a so-so photo of my own kids but still connecting to it emotionally.  one of the other challenges is working with larger groups WITH the young children.  it's one thing to round up 10 grown ups who are able to take direction, but having little ones in the picture makes it a task for everyone.  i am thankful to have endless hours of practice with my own.  it definitely pays to have a photographer who has kids and is willing to help carry and sing songs to your 28lb tired and cranky toddler for even 10 minutes of the shoot.

thank you to Linnea and Joel for a great time!  it was so great to be welcomed so warmly by L & M upon my arrival, they are adorable little munchkins and i know my heart will break the next time i see how much bigger they will have grown AGAIN.  we are hoping to have you and Leanne's clan over for a communal before you return home.  Winter Ale + Cards Against Humanity...


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