Whistla' Day 2

pomelo for breakfast always makes a great hat
 moany mo
our view!  the snow was so pretty and perfect!
we could check out how many people were in the pool below 
or watch the gondola bring skiiers and boarders up to cruise their way back down
chloe and my mom had a lot of bonding time :)
photos from our little video camera.  
so angry i didn't bring my big camera but didn't want to risk breaking it.
we took the shuttle into the village to go snow tubing!
 on the gondola
 walking up the steps
 was so beautiful surrounded by snow and trees and Christmas music
blasting from the loud speakers
 LOL we all took turns dragging moses up to the magic carpet
this was just the first baby hill
i should have taken video of the four of us going down the bigger slope
 fresh hot waffles were well deserved
 i totally have my dad's nose and hands
which means my sister is clearly the adopted one...
 hot chocolate
kev and moses headed back while mc and i did a little shopping around the village
kev and i took a little SOLO walk together
the last time we were in the mountains together was when we were 16-17
yeah... so like 15 years ago... BARF
he has such beautiful eyes *gush*
he looks good in the snow
walked up the Ski In-Ski Out trail by our condo
so pretty!!!!!
i'm not huge on beer but this Granville Island Winter Ale actually tastes kind of like chocolate...
everyone warm and cozy
chloe and james being goofs before bed
nom nom nom


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