Whistler Last Day

merry christmas
to all the christmas celebrators
hope your hearts were as full as your bellies
mine definitely is

what a treat to have had those two great nights in Whistler with my family.  it has been 15-20 years since we all packed into a huge van to take a trip together.  our last trip together as a family was driving 3 days to los angeles in 1996!  two things signify Christmas for me, both initials are MC

Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas Is You 
My Perfect Older Sister

she is sort of a walking miracle where everything she touches turns to gold.  she's a perfectionist.  she works herself to the bone but knows how to shake off a hard week and no matter what, she is the best dressed person in every room.  she gets rock star parking and as it turned out, our trip to Whistler could not have had better weather.  it snowed everyday and it was soft and dreamy.  there was no wind and it wasn't deathly freezing.  it was JUST PERFECT.  and of course, what makes her the luckiest girl on the planet is having my two little munchkins to spoil stinking rotten.

please enjoy the last of the photos of our lovely family trip

 the bear
 take my breath a-waaayyyyy....
my snow angel
seriuosly, his favourite thing to do was find huge banks of snow and just fall into them
WHOOO!!!!  Stretch limo instead of Van!
 home at my momma's
the boys playing cars

that wraps up the Whistler adventure!




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