a birthday and a baby shower

so saturday was the first day of my anxiety.  

by the time i had my emotional crying outburst, had breakfast, made these buttons and got all of us ready, there was only 25 minutes left until the end of the party.    we made it for the last 15 and stayed late to help clean up.  at least my kids had the opportunity to run around.
mew mew buttons
birthday girl layla

mr callum and mama joon

we made off with the balloons and i let the kids scale the snow mountain
on the way home through the back of the skating rink

for the second night in a row, i did not prioritize my to do list and woke up sunday more equally as frantic as the morning before.   not only had i not put my gifts together but we also had to run out for the groceries to make our potluck contribution AND we were scheduled to look at a house at 11am.   the baby shower was at noon.  as it turned out, the house walk-through was cancelled and when i arrived between 12:30-1pm at Miranda's loft, i stumbled in with the kids and Andrea (thank you for helping me carry my goods!) to find only two other guests and Miranda who was crying in the middle of her home.  i was terrified.  pregnant ladies crying can either be REALLY REALLY good or HORRIBLY bad.  

it was good.  she was emotionally taken aback by some art work that husband Reilly had secretly made just for the occasion!

the lovely culprit
 adorable as hell cookies by Andrea of Lotus Events
punch and tea station
 pom pom garland snaking its way up to the loft
 Jeannie & Andrea did a beautiful job putting this shower together
no party complete without Coco Cake's gorgeous cakes!
 the babysitter
 the sweet pumpkin here is Rome.  a shy little flower who quietly had a ball with my crazy children.
another sweet girl who took chloe under her wing and showed her gentleness and kindness
 our lovely Mama to Be!!!
 the spread
candy station, cookies, the best brownies i've ever tasted, quiches, cucumber rolls, cupckaes, olives, salmon sammies, curry chicken salad sammies, olives, dolmades, vegan pineapple squares, chips, crackers, salsa and hummus
baby bumps
Cole (Coco)
the coolest effing person in the room sporting a NEON PINK BLAH BLAH BLAH
mochi mo

there's your weekend update!

we had the perfect monday today with a load of really great photos :)
can't wait to share them tomorrow



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