a Family and the Valentine's Sessions

sooo soo sooooooo very tired.

up early saturday morning for family session at Beach & Hornby, penthouse suite.  i'm not very good at being quiet in the mornings.  either that, or the kids still have that sixth sense of when there mother is awake because they are always able to sleep through kevin's morning routine during the week.

i drove out on the quiet roads and sped through the empty highway blasting YeahYeahYeahs with the window all the way down and the heat cranked.  on the road, in the shower and falling asleep are my peak times of inspiration and ideas aka the most inconvenient places to write anything down.

this family is so beautiful.  i used to work with Houtan back at Westbank.  we now have two little ones each that add to the craziness of life.  he got the best of both worlds with his two girls, a dark and stormy older sister and a fair and sweet baby girl.  his lovely wife Tai is a natural beauty who has an alarming resemblance to Claire Danes.
H and M

it was a grey skied morning with intermittent drizzling so we stayed inside.  we had to rush a little because M had a violin lesson at 10:45am and i arrived just after 9am!  such a gorgeous home with a breathtaking view of the city.  the girls remind me of Moses and Chloe, the older one definitely high energy and intense while the younger one is a little more of a wallflower but with some serious fire behind the eyes!  the moms got to have some downtime together as i gathered all my things.  she was so sweet and down to earth and easy to talk to.  i've been so lucky to have the most genuine and lovely clients that really i just want to be friends with!

they had a busy weekend ahead so i jumped back in the car and hurried home.  i wouldn't be home until 12:30pm and we had 4 houses to look at in tsawwassen starting at 12:45pm.  they were all crappy except for one perfect little rancher with a loft that just happens to be on Babcock where we lived for 2 years before flipping it and moving to Vancouver.  we were back after 2pm for chloe's nap.  i nervously hooked up the camera and left the room while they loaded.  i did a quick look through and started working on my props for today's valentine's sessions only to receive an email from Tai telling me i forgot the centre mechanism for the cotton candy machine!!!!!!

luckily managed to get Caela to pick it up for me so i wouldn't have to drive downtown THREE times in two days, i would just have to pick it up from her in south vancouver.  chloe woke up, i packed up the kids and dropped them off at my inlaws for Saturday Dinner and drove out to Vancouver to pick up the piece.    

worked until 1am and was up again at 8:30am prepping prepping prepping.  thank god we have the amenities room that is RIGHT THERE.  

the sessions were amazeballs.  i wish i had a better word but that's how i'm feeling right now.  actually i am feeling rather crippled, but my heart is feeling amazeballs.  my knees are raw from crawling, my thighs and butt and feet are aching from the constant up and down and side to side.  my neck and shoulders are tight from holding up the camera all afternoon.  

it was a perfect day.  that's all i can say.  

my process.  i get hyped up, i get really busy and really focused and really obsessive.  i stir up ideas and find inspiration and sketch them out on loose leaf paper.  i should start using the big one i just bought... have so many sketchbooks from high school/art school, this is my first one in a while aside from very very random entries into small sketchbooks.  

i freak out a week before and every single day more and more, the worst being the last two days.  i lose my mind storming through the house like a rabid Taliban.  every straw is the last straw and my kids bear the brunt of it.  ugh.  the sun comes up, i'm half animal and half robot-zombie at this point... with a really big smile and a really hopeful heart.  i jump off the high diving board and into the unknown.  i push through visual compositions and ideas and feelings and looks.  i try to twist them into something perfect.  i try to capture a mood, a thought, an idea, a secret...  i try to emulate feelings that have inspired me.  and while my mind is zoned into this tiny eyepiece, i am also fighting through the technical side.  learning natural light versus studio light and flash.  when to use which, when to use both, and what settings need to be changed as the sun shifts and hides by the hour as the day goes by.  trying to fit PERFECT puzzle pieces of both sides.  coming close, coming close BAM.  it's a rush.  it's a crazy giggle and head shake.  it's the stomach twist when you find one you know is going to bring that client's hand to their face as their eyes close in disbelief of what you have just captured for them, for ever.  

and even when your puzzle pieces don't seem to be matching throughout, a few reflections down the road, you notice special things that you did not mean to get because you had something ELSE in mind, but now you have something totally different that is of equal star quality.  

today was amazing.  i had such kind hearted and joyful clients.  i keep being so grateful of the people that put their trust in me because i am truly getting "my clients".  and i have been in rooms with people i know are just not my clients.  i am choosing my clients by just doing what i do and being able to connect with them based on my view and style.  harmonious.  unreal.

thank you to everyone who came today.  i think you are going to be very happy.


  LBear. 2013.


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