date with a guy i used to know

renee and matt offered to  take the kids so that kev and i could have a couple of hours of the evening together.  after a busy day of setting up and taking a few more promo shots for valentine's day, we were actually able to leave the house in a reasonably timely manner.

we arrived outside r&m's apartment to see renee waiting in the doorway ready to grab and go.  we threw the kids by the side of the road to their surrogate parents and had to quickly decide where to eat.  it was between Grub, East is East and The Acorn.

shit. i forgot to take a picture of the outside.
we went to The Acorn.

i was nervous.  when you have a rare night to enjoy yourself, trying new things is very risky business.  this is money we shouldn't be spending but it's healthy to treat yourself once in a while... right?  still feel guilty...
 i guess this isn't really the face of someone who feels guilty though
 my date wasn't feeling too hungry.  he skipped the appetizer and had a glass of Prosecco with his 
Raw Zucchini Lasagna
Raw Zucchini Lasagne, Pine Nut Mushroom Duxelle, Fresh Herb Pesto, Lemon Sage Cream 

 i went with the 3 course meal 
Sunchoke Soup
Sunchoke Soup, Parsnip Crisps, Grilled Scallion Oil, Hazelnut Salt  

The Acorn Winter Harvest – Seasonal Vegetables, Herbs & Goodies From Local Farms

the harvest on special included coconut quinoa with thick slices of coconut, cauliflower and a variety of root vegetables, tofu, and bitter greens

my date didn't really talk.  he just sat and checked out my rack-of-lamb all night until dessert
Chai Pot de Crème, Cardamom Shortbread    
Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart, Walnut Crust, Lemon Goji Berry Preserve, Elephant Heart Plum Coulis, Frozen Grapes

it was alright i guess...

i paid for dinner.  my date left to use the water closet (literally, they are labeled WC for water closet) while i checked out the decor.  we vacated the premise and took the long way to the car so i could walk off the meal a little.  as we approached the crosswalk my date asked if i wanted to go to the car to... MAKE OUT???  

i cut him off saying i didn't feel like making out because i'd probably just fart on his dick after my huge meal.  he said he didn't want to make out either, he just wanted to sit and talk... more.  ok ok i lie, we talked the whole time in the restaurant.  

we drove back to r&n's.  i wanted to chill out for a while, digest and have some tea on the house.  matt diligently met my obnoxious request while the children continued to horse around on the couch and blow up mattress that had been the night's entertainment.  i love them.  i love that they are so much closer.  they could not have found a more perfect home to start their new life and i could not be any happier than i am for them. 

thank you both for giving both the kids and their parents a break from one another.  we are all the more better for it.



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