evening with Katherine

i feel like i haven't really taken some home portraits of the little ones.  i also haven't done an "update" on them in ages... it's on the TO DO list, but they'll probably be 6 months older by the time i get around to doing it.  ugggghhh.  ok, i'll try to do a mini one here.

 he loves being chased and playing hide and seek.  his manners continue to be gentlemanly.  he loves watching My Little Ponies, Chuck (the truck), and Busytown.  He actually dances and sings along with the Busytown intro.  Loves playing Angry Birds.  He is figuring out how to count to 100.  as long as you tell him 40, 50, 60 , 70, 80, 90 he knows to count from 1-9 within each group of ten.  i bought him a calendar for Christmas but i haven't been doing a great job explaining it.  i keep meaning to do an art collective of his arts and crafts from school.  OH!  actually, one of the things i have wanted to do was to hold a mini art show and invite his friends to come over with snacks.  it could be fun to have a mini art show with a few friends actually!  good idea.  he loves the abacus my mom bought him for christmas.  there was a couple of weeks where he brought it to bed with him...  he attacks chloe a lot and tortures her as only an older brother would do.  but he is also loving to her and helps her when she can't do something herself.  it is very very sweet.  sigh, if only he did that more often.  mostly, he just lectures and threatens her in the exact same fashion that i do to him...  DOH!
oh chloe bear.  she got a little soft stuffy bear for christmas from her grandma and she has named it coco bear.  sometimes it's name is chloe o'brien.  yes.  my mom has taught her how to say "chloe o'brien" when you ask her name.  it's the cutest thing ever.  she also loves playing with the Ariel doll kevin got her for christmas.  she still likes make up and i have to be extra careful about where i leave my things bc she did manage to take one of my lipsticks and draw a thin line across her top lip.  i don't know why i didn't take a photo of that...  SHE IS COUNTING TO 10!  maybe in the last 2 weeks?  she's learned from playing hide and see with moses and other friends.  she counts to ten perfectly in her little voice and then calls "ready not here me come!"  gross.  she talks a lot to herself when she is trying to fall asleep.  she was singing "nooooooodles, noooooodles..... FRENCH FRIES!" one night and most recently she went on repeating PENIS about 15 or so times.  

in the carride home from school today, moses announced 
"girls have vaginas.... and boys have... " 
"penis?  you have penis?"
"yup!  do you have a penis?"

she can be so sweet and so horrible.  her manners are as good as momo's.  she will say without prompting "thank you sooo much, mummy".  and it's so genuine.  whether she is enjoying a snack or wearing something she really likes, she will ask who made it/bought it and then she will thank that person.  she's growing up too fast.  the last couple of weeks her sentences are becoming more and more complete.  she is able to describe situations with 2-3 ideas.  

"chloe are you going to bring your little doggie?"
"no. no bring doggie.  might fall down, get dirty"

you can hear and see the wheels in her head turning as she puts sentences together.  she'll pause and repeat and correct herself.  she's definitely a mama's girl.  usually when either of them ask me for "UP" i decline, but chloe let's me know that she really just wants a hug.  she will ask "up, just a little bit?"  then i know she just wants a snuggle and then i can put her back down.  can't say no to that.

and when i hold her tight, she will give me the little pats on my arm with her little hand.  she kisses proper.  but she rarely ever kisses my lips, i have to steal those ones.  she pushes my face and kisses my cheeks in stead.

she is getting better at dressing herself.  she is very independent.  both kids pick their clothes for the most part.  she is especially picky though and it drives me crazy when we are in a rush.  she is also HORRIBLE at helping to clean anything up.  the second i ask her, she responds with either "me tiiiiirrreeddd" or "me frustrated".  

that's all for now.  still recovering from my day of no sleep, i came home from dropping moses off at school and pretty much napped on and off until it was time to pick him up again.  cleaned the house as usual.  katherine came over around 4:30pm to visit.  we had her first belly session before chowing down on a yummy dinner by kev.  they turned out quite lovely but i have to run them by her first...
 polenta fries
i bought tulips.  chloe picked them out. 
chloe feeling katherine's belly!  
moses later asked katherine what she was going to name the baby girl.
my children are gross.
he collected branches after school today.  
and tonight he jammed them in between the couch cushions.


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