family friends

i never really had "family friends" growing up.  i think it's because FOBs are all about the family and nothing compares to family no matter how atrocious and dramatic things can get.  my mom has tried to hammer this into me since i was a teenager but i remain unconvinced.  friends are the family you choose and although some may fall by the wayside, there are some friends whom you really know are going to be around for a long long time.  
i love Brock & Nicole and Mr Rook.  they were so kind to join us for dinner on sunday even after i loafed around their home all friday afternoon and evening with my secret flu bug.  i've known them since high school (they are also highschool sweethearts) but was always actually very scared of them.  it was only until they decided to join parenthood that we began to build a relationship, a relationship around eating at Tandoori Kona. ha!
 listening to records
Girls in the Garage
1960's Asian Girls doing covers of 60's Rock'n'Roll
the kids had a blast.  Rook is getting so big.  once those kids hit their first birthday, the milestones start crashing down around you like an avalanche.

i reflect  a lot on my current friendships.  many of my new friendships are with other young families with people i would not have necessarily be-friended otherwise.  not only am i building my own support circles of friends with families, but i am building really meaningful friendships with them.  i am so in love with all the different people that i've come to connect with on different levels.  i am surrounded by a great assortment of personalities, humour, sensibilities, analities, appreciations, habits and energy levels.  i mean i guess, it is really like having "regular" friends.  i think i just never considered making so many new friends at this point in my life.

i am so grateful.  to my lifelong friends who have grown with me and seen me at my worst, thank you for sticking around.  to all the newcomers, thank you for allowing us into your lives and homes, for the opportunity to build beyond people with children and become friends with children.

i don't want to wake up for school tomorrow.


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