Fresh Start for the Houstons

this week has been simply the best.  yeah, last night's 4.5 hours of sleep were rough today, but i have been dining out with friends all week.  last night we were invited into Renée and Matt's new home, a few blocks from Chinatown.  their building (circa 1930's?) has been well kept and updated over the decades but without taking away any of its original character.  it is a truly lovely, cozy and open space, perfect for the young family they will be come this July!  
the kids dashed in and spewed their goods all over the living room floor before even saying hello!
Nabu greeted us
they did a perfect job making their house a home
(can't wait to see what it looks like in two years when overrun by a toddler...)

love how the spider keeps its place in the washroom
and the creative and simple way Matt has hung his hat collection
cooking up a storm

making sure the kids are not in want of anything
the feast begins!
cauliflower mash, peas, zucchini croquettes, veggie/chicken/chorizo kabobs, 
banana gelato with fruit for dessert
(the kids found the hats)
watching Rio with Moses

i want to kiss this face.  i love this girl.  she has the biggest heart.  i know that is all i ever say about her but she really does put everyone before herself.  she is always trying to help others with their load.  now it is her turn to sit back and welcome the help and support!  i can't believe this is finally happening.  the clock is ticking and before she knows it, i will be snuggling her little one and pretending it is my third child the same way she pretended chloe was hers hahahaha.
i am so happy they have moved closer to the city.  the drive is definitely less of a trek which makes it all the easier for me to visit more often.  there are going to be many special moments in this new home.  i am so happy that this new chapter in their lives is off to a great start.



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