Happy Belated New Year!

yes.  one of my resolutions should really be to be on time.  everyone was fantastic about getting their Happy New Year out on time.  not me.  and i'm glad.  my guilt should not lie in bringing New Year to you, but bringing it into my home.  this is what i did, and i am glad i allowed myself to see past work even if it meant a delayed post.

anyway.  i hope you all had a great time ringing in the new year, however it was you celebrated.  inside and cozy or blazing like a sparkler.  new year's was always a big thing for me.  i felt the itch creeping up on me and i considered a handful of the warm invites from friends til the last minutes before dinnertime before giving in to my body's worn out cries to just stay home.

put together homemade indian inspired dish.  i use Jamie's tray bake recipe and use curry powder instead of paprika & oregano to coat before pan-frying.  then i throw it into a glass baking dish with coconut milk and top it with mango chutney instead of lemon and cherry tomatoes.  it comes out so frigging tasty.  i need a new aloo gobi recipe as this one is pretty weak and needed a little curry ketchup for a boost.
 we headed out for a walk into town for groceries only to find both Thrifty's and Safeway had already closed for NYE festivities.  check out the lovely window display at Sublime!
back home, warm and cozy, we had a relaxing night of tidying and quality time together.
chloe has really begun to take interest in puzzles and trains, just like her older brother.
hot chocolate in POOH cups
chilling on the couch watching the Dick Clark show.  man, the hosts are just terrible now.  but it was pretty amazing when they had a live performance of Gagnam Style that featured MC Hammer.
 the kids watched their first Mr Bean episodes which really tripped me out because they were the first ones that i watched when i was a kid.  i love hearing them laugh.
 by midnight, the kids had already been moaning about being tired and kevin was fast asleep!
 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!!!
up early for breakfast at my inlaWs
 just a sneak peek!...
 after breakfast and loafing, we headed back home, had a little snack and walked over to the Rec Centre to join the gang in some ice skating!
 i have to say.  i don't know if this is just learning curves, but so far i am being disappointed with my camera.  the images look 50 times better on the actual camera than they do when i open them on the computer for viewing and editing.
 auntie bun and andie
 out of the three little ones, chloe was by far the most brave.  my father in law (who used to play hockey on the Chinese team in university...) was very excited by her willingness that he scooped her under the arms and took her around the rink with no bars/chair.  so adorable.
 need a real life penalty box at home
 two dads
 we returned home for chloe's nap before heading out once more to kevin's Nana and Grandad's for dinner.  i'm glad i force myself to bring my camera and take these photos.  i don't want to forget the love and the kindness this couple has shown to me over the years.
we are going to have to learn to master her homemade Yorkshire Puddings
 a multitude of desserts followed with coffee and teas
sadly, both kids did not want to eat dinner.  we found out why moses did not feel like eating when he barfed all over my hand and a couple more times before we left.  
 a few leftover gChristmas ifts were opened

moses had another very sad episode in the washroom, crying and screaming as he puked.  he past out quickly, before i could get some fresh ginger tea into him.  however, it was chloe's turn about an hour later.  she had a mini one and thankfully, that was all the barfing to be had for the night and for the rest of today.  i was very worried i'd be up all night with them and possibly cleaning more barf through the day.  they were in very good spirits today for which i am relieved and grateful.

it's going to be a very very busy month


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