LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!! valentine's mini sessions!

this has been the moment i have been waiting for!!!!  finally, the holidays are over and we're heading towards VALENTINE'S DAY!  well it probably doesn't seem that soon for you, but the weeks are definitely going to fly for me with these upcoming sessions!
I had a fabulous time at the Langemann household shooting photos for these DAY OF LOVE ADS.  Here's a sweet little shot of Moses to start things off followed by my favourites shots modeled by my mini East Van GRRRrrrrrrlll and Valentine's Day muse: HANNA PANDA!  
These are the first of the props that have been created for the upcoming sessions with a bunch more goodies lined up for production!   
It's going to be a blast!

*Nudity is not required/expected for these shoots ;)

i'm so happy with how these turned out!  really excited for my lighting classes where i will learn to apply softer lights for moodier portraits!


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