mellow mondays

i received a text friday, my day off without the kids.  it was from Emily from the Wolzen-Hastie clan.  if you have been following for a while now, she is the one that invited us over to her parents gigantic farm backyard BBQ out in Ladner.  i'm pretty sure that we haven't seen each other since that gorgeous summer evening so i was stoked to receive a text telling me her New Year's resolution was to see us more often!

our kids are the same age.  i texted her we weren't busy monday but that we didn't usually wake up until 9am.  apparently this is their schedule as well.  i called her monday morning at 9am and she asked us if we wanted to come over for pancakes.

so we did.  who would say no?  and they were probably the best gluten-full pancakes i've ever had!  she stuffed a bunch of healthy stuff into them which gave them a lovely filling feeling that most pancakes do not.  

Devin is two months older than Moses and Chloe is two months older than Eve.  after 6 months, it was amazing to see how well they all played together!  their personalities are so similar!

after pancakes and playing around downstairs, they all scampered upstairs to play...
on Eve's crib mattress on top of Em and Mike's bed... 
while eating raisins
as mentioned in the summer BBQ post, chloe has met her match as a bottomless pit
super lulz
tough girls with huge appetites

some joyful news!  Em and Mike are getting hitched this summer!!!!  i have their Save the Date up on my fridge and have of coursed bully/volunteered myself to help her with whatever design or crafty things she may want or need.  SO EXCITED!!!  we have had no weddings booked for this year and a black and white wedding at the farm is going to be quite the show-stopper!

such a fun time! the perfect low-key start to another busy week.   the kids got along so well.  god, i just love making new/better friends, it's such a great feeling connecting with other awesome people in similar states of life.  i'm so glad i made the creeper move to get Mike's number when we first met him with the kids at the park last Spring.  looking forward to more hangouts!

  mo&co fans.  we'll end this post with some gratuitous photos of the monsters in their "nice warm bath" and goofing off before wrapping them up in jammie jams.  


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