my funny valentines!

what a success.
i am over the moon with so many of the images taken yesterday.  i love valentine's day.  i love pink and i love sparkles.  i never thought i would hear myself say that, being the girl who wore massive plaid pants and spikeddog collars throughout my teenaged years and early twenties.
what i love so much about these mini sessions is coming up with ideas for all the props.  i love coming up with concepts and scenes.  my favourite parts of fashion magazines are the late-middle sections where they show off a bunch of the trending styles using loose story lines to narrate.
 i love crafting and having an excuse to create beautiful things.  it's easy to go and buy props from the dollar store but then it's less special.  i love being able to pour myself into the props and have my clients bring them to life.  yes, they are time consuming.  very very VERY time consuming, but it's always so worth it in the end.
these pink suitcases.  i will never let go of these.  i bought the pair for $5 at the Langley Value Village back in 2004, back when thrift shops were packed full of delicious finds and super cheap prices.  those were the days...
i found a scrap piece of this tabletop liner at the fabric store.  it was all stepped on and a little ragged on the backside so i got it for half price.  i used it for the photo of moses's BE MINE Valentine photo and fell in love with it.  i love how you can not tell at first that it is anything but a white backdrop but then you slowly get the lovely texture coming through that looks like old-school wallpaper.  so i went back and bought more.
the valentine's buttons for all the lucky clients 
after my session with Michelle and Ethan, Michelle asked if i had eaten yet (oops always forget about the eating thing during these shoots) and promptly ran upstairs and brought back this lovely meal complete with earl grey and vanilla almond milk and two of her gluten-free dairy free cookies!  my mouth was in sweet heaven tearing through the food until the next clients came a knocking!

some of my faves of the day though there are so many many more...

little em
and her big sis nebraska
 darling LBear
cheerful E
bad boys Hunter & Rider

triple threat

i want to eat everyone up!

see more of the photos at 

gotta get back to painting.  editing and putting out orders throughout the week with another full weekend booked up.  OH!  forgot to mention!  Taryn and I are going to let loose on Friday at COME FRIDAY!!!!!!


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