a few little things before we get on to the Nuba grub...

 neighbour cait is finally off her preggo feet from work which means those feet are shuffling around her kitchen more and more, turning out super yummy recipes!  this little number is another Jamie Oliver treat from his 15 Minute Meals: BEST FISH BAPS!  Panfried Halibut with homemade tartare sauce, minted mushy peas and alfalfa sprouts!  was not thrilled with the tartare sauce but everything else was spot on!  had the leftover minted mushy peas this morning with soft boiled egg and toast...  i am in truth the luckiest neighbour in the entire world...  thank you cait for always feeding me.  and FYI she makes Banana Bread French Toast...
 Andrea!  as in Rob and Andrea of Lotus Events, Got Craft and Indie I Do did a little tradesies with me last month at the Got Craft show.  the Barbapapa pins for Momo were my request but she was so sweet to include two of her adorable pencil cases for the kids (each with stickers and a pencil and eraser!)  thank you so much for being so thoughtful, the kids were mad at me for holding them hostage so i could take daytime photos!
 i'm so glad i'm down to my last couple GOLD DVD's...  they are going to look way better...

alright!  onto my first experience at Nuba's newest location in Kitsilano...
the kids were dropped off at my mama's and the hub and i zoom zoomed out to Vancouver rocking out to Weezer's Pinkerton.  haven't listened to it in years and we were freaking out over our favourite parts that have been long forgotten.  we had a moment to remember the good times listening to this very CD in Stinky, his first car, the red 66 Falcon.  Circa 2000 - 2005

we arrived late but it was ok.  there were no kids in the back.  no kids to be picked up.  we had all the time in the world to make them regular people WAIT!

Bronwen arranged the dinner.  Alex, her Parisian bf with his delicious accent, has been a chef at Nuba and will be leaving.  this was cause for a special meal!  initially it was just for Bronwen, but she extended the invitation to me and then to a bunch more people.  in the end there were 6 of us and it was perfect.  on top of pushing out orders for the rest of the customers, he created a special 5 course menu just for us PLUS Nuba's desserts!  And just for the veggies at the table, everything was Vegan!  my sister would have looooooovvveeedd this!!!

a bottle of Champagne was on the house and a truly amazing red wine followed.  i am very much not a fan of red wine at all.  i think this might be the first one i have liked.  i should probably get the name of it...

first up
 Laffa Bread
Hummus, Walnut

i keep forgetting how much i love hummus.  i'm quite certain that much of the weight gain i had with chloe was due to eating a full can's worth of chickpeas for hummus & carrots 2-3 times a week...  this was lovely.  i need to start making hummus again.  probably going to make Alex give me some recipes in exchange for these photos...
kev and elliott
 Mal and Bronwen
 Cannellini Beans Soup
Served cold, vinegar, almond

sooooooooo gooooooood.  i could have this for lunch everyday.  
i would probably chuck the spoon and just drink it.
probably with the laffa bread and hummus.  
 Stuffed Tomato
Ratatouille Provençal, Parsley Jus

do not be put off by the Parsley Jus.  when i think of parsley as a jus, i think of something strong and unpleasant.  this was far from it.  obviously.  or else he wouldn't be a chef.  
cait, you would have loved this so much!!!!

 Arlequin de Legumes
Red Chard, Kale, Carrot, Couscous

i can not believe how much i loved this plate.  i am truly not a big fan of chard and my extent of kale has been kale chips.  i can't believe how much i loved this plate.  i need to learn how to cook these two vegetables because i know they are sooo good for you.  the couscous with the carrots  flavoured with salt and mint and a few sultanas.  WHY WAS THIS SO GOOD????

 the lovely and adorable Alex checking up on us 
followed by the most gorgeous plate i've ever seen
 The Sequel
Beet, Broccoli, Watercress, Hazelnut Emulsion, Almond Milk Foam 
 i would have no qualms being vegan if i could just hire him to be my personal chef
never really have watercress and i was munching down on these babies like a bunny
he makes vegetables taste so damn good!  
love broccoli, love beets, love almond milk, check check check...
 and because the only way to have dessert is to try EVERYTHING we ordered three to share!
Ginger Cake
chocolate, walnuts, cream
 Lebanese Pancakes
Katayef ashta cream, pistachio, orange bloggsom honey and orange marmalade

this was the winner.  i have never tasted anything so heavenly as this. probably going to make a trip out just to eat this.  anyone want to join me, send me a message...
 Rice Pudding
Victor's traditional rice and milk pudding with a pear raisin compote

if you aren't into spices do not get this.  if you love spices, i would definitely recommend.
perfect twist on a traditional dessert
Thank Youuuuu, Alex!!!!!


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