Weekend Bustle

ok.  here it is.  
the answer is yes 
The Pauhaus will be doing 

i've been gathering my ideas and just spent the week getting all the fabulous props made.  i feel like barfing, i'm so excited to see how the ad shots turn out!  by this time tomorrow i will be working on them.  i'll be photographing the infamous Hanna Panda in her home.  it was set to happen today but she was not in the mood.  you don't eff with toddlers that are not in the mood...  we know from the numerous photos of Mr Moany Mo that it just doesn't work out.

we've rescheduled for tomorrow which might turn out to be even better.  mondays are Taryn's MANIC MONDAYS where she looks after 4 kids on her own!  on top of her own 3.5 Hanna and 17 month Armenie, she wrangles the two boys upstairs as well!  Koa is 4 and Arlo who will be 2 this coming Spring.  yes.  insanity.  how does she do it?  i haven't the slightest idea.  and with my brood in tow, it's going to be bedlam.

so now you know it's happening.  
reschedule your plans for Sunday January 27 and keep your eye out this week for the official poster to find out more!

in other news...

we're keeping busy as usual here.  kevin has been pouring hours into the Falcon and it's been paying off.  in the last 6 months, kevin has done the body work, filling in all the rusted areas and sanding it all down to be primed.  it's been primed and painted, both inside and out: a milky cream body and black top with some metallic fleck, the inside satin black.  the mint headliner has been installed and he has spent the last couple of days installing the doors with updated trim.  yesterday, the windshield and glass were installed.  the carpets arrived and the next step is deciding on fabric to reupholster the seats.  exciting!!!!  can't wait to cruise around this summer!

i have been working on my massive TO DO list that continues to grow each week, no matter how much i manage to cross off.  the office is more organized and clutter free.  i grabbed a clipboard and binder from the Thrift Shop.  i just sent a batch of photos out for printing, different sizes and finishes, so you can see how fantastic your photos will look displayed on your cold empty walls.  i am currently focusing on templates for books, cards, and for the blog here as well.  lots of change happening, always so much on the go.  

i decided to have Moses hair trimmed in case i decided to have him join Hanna in the photos.  i felt horrible asking her in these sleepless early days with Nova, but Jade kindly agreed to clean up his mop.  i owe you big time, my love!  we had an early breakfast.  kevin had to rush out to meet the guy installing the glass at his parents.  we piled into the car and i dropped them all off so that i could have a couple of hours to get my props finished and tested out before going to Jade's.
 lovely little Nova
 wild child
i love having a sister
does your toddler have a fake panic face?
 roaring contests
1, 2, 3... ROAR!!!!!!!!
we hung out for a little while with the family, chatting and gossiping like highshool girls.  i love hanging out together, and would do so more often if she would answer her phone once in a while!

came home for a couple hours rest before heading out to Christine's for another APPY NIGHT!  parenthood is like an alternate universe.  i brought the camera.  i wanted to document this part of my life.  everyone sees club photos and house party photos and family photos and work party photos, but this is something different.  Christine opened her daycare about 3-4 years ago.  her first clients were also new to Tsawwassen at the time and were desperate to find a daycare.  they have been hosting Appy nights and in the last two years, Christine has taken it upon herself to host her own Appy Nights with the daycare families AND the new preschool families.  it's perfect.  parents get to get out of the house and eat and drink and socialize with other parents.  the kids get to go crazy playing in the daycare and all over the house.  kids of all ages create groups of new friends and run amok, having a great time as their parents unwind with wine glasses and platters of appetizers.  there is always an eye watching out for any spats between kids, but for the most part, the entire night was incident free!

just a few pics from the evening...

 i was very surprised by how excited the kids were about taking photos.  mostly i was sitting back and snapping here and there, but many of them requested i take photos of them and then immediately ran beside me to check out their photo.  some ran away giggling and others asked for more.
i love how natural these girls are
 almost every conversation included a child, just to remind the parents who was boss
 this girl always cracks me up.  she is about to become an amazing middle child in march.
i will be taking photos of her mama's beautiful belly in the next few weeks!
 is this guy for real?  so freaking adorable
chloe is going to grow up to be a FOB who brings tonnes of food to wherever she is headed
the queen of dress up (probably her 5th outfit of the night)
yes.  this is our life.
there was a crazy lady who held these dolls all night long
(i have more evidence....)
one of the little girls Marley had me take so many photos of her.  she finally requested if she could take photos of me.  how awesome is this shot!!!!
doctor chloe bear
moses patiently waiting at the steps watching Duck Tales on the TV

alright.  time to get my stuff packed for tomorrow.  hope the weekend treated you well.



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