work like a boss

hello my baby hello my honey hello my ragtime girl....

does anyone else ever get that stuck in their head?  the dancing frog from Loony Tunes?

forgive me.  after a very very long 12 hour day in vancouver, i decided to not sleep.  fueled with even amounts terror and elation, i worked an all nighter for the first time since highschool.  terrified and overwhelmed by the amount of work i have piling up but so overjoyed and grateful for the people that are so excited to have me take their photos!  i am eternally grateful for the wonderful photographer friends i have in my life that have been so generous with their offers to help me left and right.  i'm taking part in Syx's Flash class, Lindsay improves my work flow and we share cool things and gossip while drinking tea, and Miranda always replies to my late night questions on, well, EVERYTHING.  i have it good.  i am lucky.  too lucky.  i am forever in debt and i am ok with that.  it shall be repaid.

on my drive home last night, wait back up.  let me inform you on the past three days (IF I CAN REMEMBER...)

-stayed up late sunday to finish all my props for my Valentine's Day session with HANNA monday morning
-obviously freaked out the entire morning at the kids to hurry up
-took forever to set up
-shoot was no more than 30 minutes with both Moses and Hanna doing a few poses
-had lunch and hung out until about 3pm before coming home
-both kids did not fall asleep nor nap
-made quick dinner early so i could start editing my photos
-tried to go to sleep early to head back to Langemann's to babysit the next day

-babysat Hanu and Armz from about 10:30am-3:30pm, with my kids in tow
surprisingly i did a pretty damn good job!  i even cleaned up the house and managed to put Armz down for her nap with the Ergo and a little Best of No Doubt singing...  why can't i do this at home???

 i think my new favourite thing might be photos of other kids picking their nose so i feel good about my kids picking their own.

-S&T arrived and offered to watch the kids while i went to lindsays.  kevin would pick the kids up after he got off of work
-hung out in her clean little apartment, tea in one hand and computer in the other, flipping back and forth showing each other our workflow and exchanging ideas and photographers we've stumbled upon
-arrived outside of Vancouver Photo Workshops early and worked on some pricing before heading into my first classroom in 6 years.  ugh.  so weird.  so so weird.  but Syx was fantastic!  totally down to earth and easy going, no pretention whatsoever!
-picked up a Quarter Pounder from the MCDick's drive-thru for Wifey Taryn on the way to drop of Syx at home

had kevin work out my pricing with me and set to work learning and creating my first Press Printed Album sample.  it took me until about 3am at which point i realized it was 12x12 and not the 8x8 that i wanted and i have to start all over again... but at least i have the old one saved to work off of.  at that point i opened up my Valentine's Day photos to create my ads and didn't stop until about 8:10am to wake up the kids to go to school.

it's 3:30pm.  i don't know why i am not tired and have not passed out yet.

so getting back to

"on my drive home last night", i was having a huge wave of anxiety and total bliss.  i have been working like an effing boss.  and it is paying off.  the response i have been getting from new clients and potential clients has been nothing short of humbling joy.  that is weird.  but it does feel that way.  i feel so honored to have people tell me in such a very genuine way how my photos make them feel and how much they love my style and my work after seeing my portfolio and blog.

i am happy with my talents, but that happiness is tenfold when it reaches others.  although most of my new clients have contacted me through Facebook, i received my very first Email through just the other day from someone who had found my blog through Taryn whose blog she found through another friend.  she mentioned following from "the early days" but i don't know how early "early" is.  she finally came out of the closet requesting me to do a photoshoot of her and her sweetheart.  they just weathered a pretty bad storm, and she wants to celebrate by having some romantic and goofy photos of them together...

it is, again, such an honour to have people request your eye to represent their most intimate relationships.  and that is my goal as a photographer.  i'm working on my technical skills, but i feel like i can see moments, i can find them even if my focus is a little soft and the colour is artistic rather than balanced.

The Pauhaus facebook page just reached 100 Likes.  thank you to everyone for all the support.  thank you to those closet readers that are still hiding.  thank you to my friends that pass on the word.  this was my goal.  i truly wanted to build an audience with my blog in hopes that it would eventually help me upstart The Pauhaus with a foundation of supporters.  it's not huge, but the growth in the past  8-10 months has been significant for me.   more than i had expected and i am so happy that all the late nights i have spent here have not been in vain.  i have always enjoyed journaling for myself, i never thought i would have an audience beyond my close friends, let alone very kind friends of friends that occasionally send me the sweetest messages of empathy and/or encouragement as a mother.

EMO POST.  my sister is rolling her eyes.

alright you deserved it if you actually bothered to read all of this, move on to the VALENTINE'S POSTERS!!!!!!


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