9 teens and a birthday bonfire

a few sneaks from the teen slumber party session
the birthday girl

it was fun.  it was really really fun.  plus, i had arrived to set up before most of the girls and a few of them came in freaking out all excited that i was their friend "___________" or commenting on how they loved my outfit before realizing they were mistaken.  HA!  14!  YES!!!!   i do not remember looking this put together and mature when i was 14.  perhaps because i was part of the alternative/rock group that did not want to be considered part of the mainstream crowd.  also, i met kevin was i was 14 and that is all i could think about the entire time.  i met kevin when these girls were born.  

the girls were all amazing.  i was shocked at how comfortable they were in front of the camera.  a little reserved and nervous of course at first, but they all came out of that shell and busted out their inner diva.  we did portraits and group photos and a few bffs at the end.  exhausted, they retreated to the couch to watch Despicable Me while i packed up all my gear.  i had one last piece of pizza with a small glass of white wine upstairs with the other parents.  WEIRD.  when did THAT happen...

drove home and although i planned to pass out early, i totally stayed up until 2am.   what is wrong with me?

i stayed under the covers until 10am.  afterall, it was Molly's birthday bonfire at Centennial and no matter how shitty i felt, i knew i had to get out and suck up some fresh beachy air and give myself some downtime outside of the house.  

kevin made blueberry pancakes with cinnamon bananas.  the both of us were haggard.  dragging out butts around the messy house trying in vain to clear debris, to get the kids dressed, to not lose our cool over the whining/fighting/walking around with their shoes/forgetting socks/changing boots/wanting help/not wanting help/ playing the door/playing with the lights/repeating the same questions over and over...  my body was so dead.  just as we were about to leave, i had to go over to the couch and lay down for a couple of minutes.  i also had a staring contest with my camera.  i had just shot for 3 hours the previous night and i did not want more photos to edit and post.  the camera always wins.  that's why i come up here...

and as usual.  it was worth lugging around.

 perfect day
 nothing like a crisp morning at the beach with a bonfire coffees/tea and loved ones
 Nicole and Erin
 Erin, James, Baby Bear Mae & Miles
 little dudes
work hard.  play hard.
the birthday girl and her soon to be family of four!

 fun game
making a little castle and protecting it from three toddler godzillas
repeat 10x

Little J and Christine
Nicole here brought homemade chocolate cake and whip for the birthday girl!
happy birthday dear Mollyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu!!!

boy did the heavens open up and sing when Nicole told kevin her cake was GLUTEN FREE
moist & flourless chocolate cake using quinoa!
could not have had a lovelier long weekend sunday morning

seriously.  pop out those babies and move to tsawwassen.
you're missing out


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