creature of habit

just a few from the past couple of days
"rich and loose"
finally got my teapot back 
enjoying my first cup of my loose organic Cream of Earl Grey after a month of teabags 
i'm a creature of habit.
much like my mother as a matter of fact
she always made scrambled eggs and toast, slices of cheddar, sometimes bacon for weekend breakfasts.
my staple breakfast is a soft boiled egg wiht salt & pepper on toast with margarine and honey.  on lucky days like this one here, i'll have an avo and tomato to go with.  the smoothies are making a comeback with thoughts of Spring and more frequent appearances from the sun.
she still smells "like a baby"

she has a scent, still.  moses' has gone away or i can no longer smell it.  she still has "her smell" and it still kills me inside.  as i usually steal away after dinner time to work, kevin does all the clean up, bath time, jammies, brushing, and stories.  oh and dispute settling and wrangling and calming down.  chloe has begun requesting my "hugs and kisses" at bedtime.  she gives me so many kisses and hugs these days...

this morning.

she told me:

"tell you secret, mama!..."

she pulls my face close to hers with her toasty soft hands.  my hand is wrapped around the last of her baby belly that is slightly protruding out of her cotton jammies.  i can smell her morning breath, warm and sweet.  

"i luff you..."  she whispers. 

 the most perfect "i love you".  

i don't know why my heart goes into full on break mode when it should really just stay in melt mode.  i just know all too well how fast this time goes.  i just know that life is unpredictable and that karma is very real.  i know this is the time she is going to love me the most.  i know this time isn't forever and that i will never get these moments back.  in my joy, there are still tears that mourn these lovely fleeting moments of our early love.
i love this guy.  i find him like this often by the time i make my way to bed... actually kind of funny how i usually have these sorts of photos of moses passed out in bed with a book or two.  right now he is helping me to make some props for Friday's photobooth.  he's picked up things here and there over the last couple of weeks on his lunch breaks which has been an HUGE help while my schedule has been nutso.  and he's still busting randomly composed dinners out of his ass.  mmmm ass.
honey & pepper pork seared, carmelized onions, 
veg chili (kidney beans, black beans, corn, tomatoes), lettuce, quinoa
it's been such a challenge to really make time to spend with moses.  with chloe, she still naps and when she wakes up she is so warm and snuggly that i get to spend at least 15 minutes just connecting with her emotionally before she requests "go down" and toddles off.  i've really been enjoying the last few times i pulled myself away to spend time with him.  we built this track together.  the bridge was not nigh enough to allow Thomas to go under so he placed a few wooden tracks underneath the plastic bridge tracks.  we both cheered as Thomas chugged through without incident and laughed when he toppled off the bridge.  he was SO HAPPY.  
we made this guy together as well (prior to his design on the previous post...)  i started off with the central hexagon and one blue diamond.  from there, he repeated the blue.  i chose the natural skinny diamond and he scrambled for as many as possible to beat me into making them.  i let him choose the rest of the shapes after every pattern.  i like how the legs are actually woggly and not completely symmetrical.  i think we are going to be doing more of these...

life is busy.  life is good.


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