flash on flash off

so far i have made it to all my classes.  not necessarily prepared, not necessarily awake and not always in the best state of mind or emotions, but driving out to east van after a full day with the kids is definitely an achievement on its own.  after the first two classes of theory and slides and checking out one another's inspirations, we were given the opportunity to shoot with some fantastic models.
meet Bella
shooting with one model light, pocket wizards and one reflector
last week i had a minor meltdown in the corner.  having not made time to practice my off flash, i struggled to figure out my camera and flash while everyone else was shooting and experimenting with numerous flash modifiers and reflectors using ambient light.  on top of that, i forgot to bring an extra set of batteries and my flash was dying.  the recovery time was lagging badly and i shamefully had to borrow a set from syx.  i blinded the model over and over, not being able to figure out what was going on and ended up taking a breather on the floor trying not to have a panic attack in front of the entire class.  finally, model Tiffany came over to check on my sad sorry pathetic ass and 3 of the dudes in the class followed behind her all giving me the run through that helped me catch up.
a few shots of model Kris in low warm ambient light
closer shake
on to Tiffany the Sad Clown.  here we had a french door with warm light shining through onto the wall behind.  again, another low light situation with ambient lighting.
Syx changed the light to a cooler night time light
still getting the cool ambient behind while the model stays warm and true
flash off to the side creates a more dramatic effect
changed white balance to warm up Tiffany

so our homework for this week was to go out and shoot in low light situations.  my brother happily volunteered to meet me in Richmond by the UBC Boathouse to help me with my homework.
having a tripod was very helpful in getting all the ambient light but my bro was still a little soft

i don't know how this happened but this is pretty damn cool.  same settings but instead of staying posed in one place i was running all over the place until the flash hit me.
still having trouble getting a clearer shot of James while still getting all the ambient light
off camera flash to the right
sped up the shutter speed which gave me less of the ambient lighting
trying out the zoom
flash too hard, not enough ambient
frustrated, we moved on elsewhere.  more off camera flash which seemed to work a little better
would have liked to switched the light on the left with the pose on the right
pretty stoked with these action shots.  totally gotta head out and do more.  these might have been cool to try with my first settings to get the 'starry" lights quality and brighter sky while still freezing my brother mid air.  i was lucky there was an event at the Boathouse otherwise i wouldn't have had the ambient light behind.

these are not fantastic, but i'm proud of myself for getting out and practicing.  i feel more comfortable and more capable of playing around.  i get really caught up in anxiety when things don't work which is hard to fight through.  thanks james for bearing with me, for being so patient!


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