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my food brain is functioning on low.  i manage to get breakfast lunch and snacks to the kids, most that is maintaining my expectations.  we've been doing lots of veggies with hummus, apples, pears, and smoothies have slowly made their way back into the kitchen.  chloe naps, moses hits the ipad.  as the evening approaches, and i have settled into work mode, dinner is the furthest thing from my mind.  i feel guilty but so thankful that kevin is willing and more than capable of jumping in.  that's an understatement.  in fact, i seriously don't know how he pulls amazing dinners out of his exhausted ass when he drags it through the door at 5:30-5:45pm.  he only goes to sleep about an hour earlier than i do so he is definitely tired as hell.

on top of that, when tuesdays roll around and i need to rush out to Syx's class at 7pm in Vancouver, kevin has to work even faster to feed his incompetent wife.  this is what he managed to make this tuesday.

crispy wontons
pear and camembert
crunchy green beans, seared/roasted pork, mini frites, carmelized onions
seriously.  don't know how he does it.  he doesn't like and doesn't work off of recipes.  all his cooking has been flying by the seat of his pants and practice and experimenting.  
"are you going to sit and eat with us or just take 50 more photos" face
sigh.  then after dealing with the groms for the evening, he will pass out with his little girl when she wakes up at 1am looking for snuggles.... wearing his swastika shirt that he's had since he was 16.  it is a stickman putting the swastika in the garbage but he COULD be taking it out... COULD.  you can imagine how pleased my mom was when he would show up at our door wearing this with army pants.
yes, so many of you are so tired of this but i still love it!  if you are rolling your eyes, skip this paragraph.  if you are new to the blog, this is one of my favourite things to make and it's so damn easy and so frigging delicious and SOOO HEALTHY.  ok not SOOO healthy but compared to Nutella spread it is Jesus.    

1 organic avocado  
5 pitted dates (I used soft mushy Medjool dates today!) chopped up  
2 tbsp cocoa powder
Squirt of organic agave syrup.  

Servings: 7 pieces of toast and 5 rice crackers.
This will usually keep 2-3 days so make a double batch if you have a few little ones!

mix and mush it up with a fork and let it sit for 20 minutes.  overnight is better if you use bulk pitted dates as they are usually a little harder in texture than the soft Medjools that you have to pull the pits out of.  take a knife and spread it on toast.  you can stop there or top it with bananas and/or raspberries!  whatever you want!

OR put on a pot/rice cooker of quinoa the night before and mix it into the chocomole in the morning for some extra protein for a breakfast treat!  if you are gluten free, take a handful of rice crackers and dip them into the chocomole or add a bunch of rice crisps cereal to it for a crunchy dessert.  


enter chocomole in the search for past posts...
i've been doing Joy the Baker's Strawberry-Cucumber smoothies.  Just add almond milk and a squirt of agave to taste. 
 today i did half strawberry and half blueberry which made fantastic moustaches!

bought one of the organic chickens from Thrifty's yesterday but didn't really buy any of the necessary ingredients to recreate the amazing recipe that Taryn and Syx put together a few weeks ago when i was at their place, so i saved it for tonight instead, making sure to drop by the grocery store for the veg.  i bought a smaller chicken that came up to $14.   more than enough plus lunch leftovers!  
i should have taken a photo of the before photo.  i felt awful.  i always feel awful when prepping meat.  i always have quiet conversations and essentially a version of "grace" with the animal as i unwrap it and hold its small body in my hands.  this is so ironic when i am gently sliding my fingers to loosen the skin so that i can slip in a few small pieces of butter beneath and then opening its carcass to fill it with a bunch of asparagus.  massage a little butter over the entire body.  lemon wedge in between the asparagus and chicken.   fill the surrounding space of the roasting pan with potatoes, carrots, onion, lemon wedges and generously season with olive oil, fresh thyme and rosemary.  salt and pepper.  
in the oven at 425 for about 30-40 minutes until the skin is crisping.  cover with tin foil for another hour or so.  i was working when kevin arrived home just as the oven beeped.  he prepped and plated.  it was glorious.  it was so so juicy and crisp and exploding with flavours.  the veg on the pan was a little burnt and caramelized, tasted like CANDY!!!!  a shockingly fast prep and low maintenance meal for something that turns out this delicious!    thanks syx and taryn for this awesome recipe!


  1. yay! i finally have the chocomole recipe! :)


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