freedom fridays

at Blue Olive Studio for tea
Andrea & Rob brought CARTEMS doughnuts.  those ones are EARL GREY.
 friday meetings with lindsay.  she lent me her wide angle for the weekend.
 had dinner at my mom's and brought the kids home.  i went to work and kevin pushed through the night time routine with the two groms.  i like the term grooms, tera, thanks.  watching his usual vintage TV. 
 this one had William Shatner.  at a diner, a coin operated YES or NO machine had a bobble head devil head that either bobbled his head yes or no after you inserted the coin and asked the question.
mon petit prince
 thank you to the people in our condo who decided to just chuck out this sweet industrial fan.  i was able to cancel both my wide angle lens rental AND the fan rental for this weekend SCORE!  and thank you dear kevin for finding it, dismantling it, cleaning it, and reassembling.
"the hallway"
who am i kidding.  
"the real hallway"
 hand washing stools
 finally. i managed/remembered to take a photo of our new addition to the general washroom.  when KLF went to Mexico over the holidays, she brought back the luchador masks as well as one of these amazing Betty Boop flying mermaids.  she has one on her wall and not having been to the store for 3 years (?) managed to taxi her way back only a couple stores down from the exact location.
 the other mermaid
 potty training
another long day


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