Girls Night Only with Chloe Bear: The Corndog Party

the years are a blur.  what am i talking about, a day is a blur.  don't ask me what i did this morning because it will take me a while to follow my footsteps back that far.

the corn dog party.

where do i even start.  i've known many of these girls from my partying days at the Mod Club (2004-2007??).
Altaira was the host and it was only last night, in my inebriated state of mind, that i rediscovered how we met one another in the first place.  i say rediscovered because if you had asked me two days ago, i couldn't have told you.  it turns out i met her at The Crooked House or the Slanty Shanty.  my bff at the time lived in this old house where many crazy parties were had.   Altaira was subletting for Shmoo who was going off on tour with her sister and the rest of The Organ.  also strange, Shmoo went to York House which was kitty corner to LFA.  she and Altaira first met working at a coffee shop in their teens.

insert photo from Altaira in their circa 1998 outfits

this was the 3rd Corn Dog Party.  it began with a bunch of these ladies gathering to try their first VEGGIE corndog as many of them are vegetarians and had never had the luxury of this guilty pleasure.
2010 & 2007
my humble homage to Lindsay who was unable to attend
due to working her ass off all weekend

we all missed your beautiful face

this was my first attendance and i was super stoked.  though i had the opportunity to have a child-free evening with these adult babes, i opted to make it extra special and bring chloe to this Ladies Only event.  most parents would shy away from this, but chloe had such a blast at Lindsay's Christmas party, i knew she would love another soirée... not to mention alone with her Mama!!!!

amazingly, we arrived right at 7pm.  the first guests.  it worked out, as having people gradually join us was way less intense for chloe than if we showed up when everyone was already having a roaring good time.  plus, i was not planning on staying out late.  there was another mom Booze Cruise happening in Tsawwassen i was hoping to make it out to and i had to be back in Vancouver for 11:30am the next morning for a portrait consultation.  

we stayed until 11pm anyway.

1.  party hats and animal print tops are PERFECT ice breakers
     2.  kitty cat party hats
3.  that dresser used to be ours in 2006.  it has had 3 owners since
already the coolest person at the party with two hats, her doll set and eating all the chips
this is Ayma.  i met Ayma probably in 2004
we have never been super close but there is something to be said about having history
Ayma also lived at the Crooked House/Slanty Shanty  
this is Ayma meeting chloe for the first time.
you can't see it, but my heart is melting 
Ayma owned the party when she brought these homemade 
and she made sweet cornbread balls with the leftover batter
the batter was so sweet and delicious and i am going to make these all fucking summer
fresh hot corn dogs flying out of the oven and more amazing dips courtesy of Mal
bottles of champagne in fancy plastic
seriously.  these ladies are so amazing, who knew a corn dog party could be SO swanky!
first corn dog ever
totally into the dips
the babely Mercers, Darcy and Coral, in their usual stylish glory
more phallic food arrived.  not sure who is happier in these photos
Chloe with an entire bag of rainbow twizzlers 
Marysia drinking my favourite cider through one of said twizzlers
girls! girls! girls!
i missed it.  Mal and Cheena were doing the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene.
sigh.  and they became besties
not sure if it's been obvious over the internet but i have a massive girl crush on this one.
gorgeous.  killer fashion sense.  crazy ass voice.  and even crazier design skillz.
chloe had 5 corndogs and at least that many twizzlers
and part of a deepfried onion also courtesy of Ayma
kind of wish i was two years old with chloe at a corndog party
Shmoo joined the dick festivities
"... but how will they both fit??"
corndog hugs
 fap fap fap
cat stickers
Babycakes Taryn taking a few minutes in the kitchen from shooting her photos of the night
the most insanely tasteful photos of lesbiana sex i have ever seen, all for a whopping 99¢
Diamond in the Muff
seriously.  i love being a girl.
even the empty boxes had a great time
chloe, still with corn dog in hand

the night came to an end for us when i finally checked my phone and realized it was just before 11pm.  chloe had lasted all night!  yes she was tired, but there was no tantrum!  she just wanted to be held so she could rest her little cheek on my shoulder.  i thought for sure she would fall asleep in the car.  i was wrong.  not a single nod.  and once we were back at home, she didn't sleep until after midnight.  oh my god, this girl is going to be just like me.  not good....
lol her poor belly and her crazy hair
i love this girl.   having one on one time with her was a blast.  i know she's going to kill me over and over once puberty hits, but i am also looking forward to all the lunch and shopping dates we are going to have.  i look forward to finding out who she is and helping her through the hardtimes.  though i know it will break my heart to see her cry when really hurt or sad, i am looking forward to crying with her, throwing my arms around her and holding her so fucking tightly, kissing her little hair swirl and telling her it's ok...  followed by helping to eat her feelings (corn dogs & twizzlers) over a good movie.  

good times ahead.

thank you to Altaira for graciously hosting the dopest party in Vancouver this weekend.  
see you out this way in a couple of days :)


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