super crazy weekend

the weekend began with a belated valentine's session for 
Soleil & Nova

kevin dropped me off, dropped the kids off at my mom's for the night and returned for our haircuts.  jade and rob had a few other friends over for company as well.  we didn't get set up until about 8pm but since Soleil is on the Mo&Co schedule, that was not a problem.  she stayed up until 1030-11 when kev and i finally took leave.
just a few lovelies from the collection.  too many good ones, i'll have some more up in a couple more days.  just hoping to do a drive-by post here!

stayed up until about 230am trying to get the house as much in order as possible, knowing full well the rest of the weekend was going to be a total write-off.  the afternoon tea was being held at the Heritage Hall on Main and 16th at 1pm.  kev and i did not wake up until about 950am.  GLORIOUS.  glorious sleep.  glorious peace and quiet.  glorious freedom.  by now, the light was bright enough to fill the room through our blinds, so i took the opportunity to get some RARE shots of kevin and i together.  
this has not happened in 5 years???
i got dolled up for the luncheon
Derek Lam over a
Forever21 tucked into a
aerie maxi skirt

and had a lovely uninterrupted conversation over soft boiled eggs on toast with my husband
 certainly i will go into everything in a little more detail, but let's just say for now that it was such a pleasure and an honour to be part of the Annual Spinal Cord Injury Women's Tea.  it didn't hit me right away, but as i was hurrying down the street with my equipment, i saw a bus parked outside unloading many of the afternoon's guests.  the bus was from GF Strong.  this is where kevin's dad works and it is where he met my cousin Lauren when she had her spinal cord injury back in 1996, a year before kevin and i would meet one another.  women young and old alike with varying degrees of spinal cord complications were treated to a pampered afternoon.
there was a henna station, a massage station, a make up station and a hair station.  everyone was welcome to receive some love from numerous volunteers who came to make this day so special.  delicious sandwiches and desserts of every kind were served to each table along with their choice of teas.  it was an inspiring place to be.  courageous ladies paving the way for increased ability and freedom in a world that forgets about those less able-bodied.
there were a number of speeches given on new projects as well as a yoga demonstration.  
once everyone had themselves primped up, they gathered at the photo booth to take photos with their loved ones.  my heart grew two sizes that afternoon.  i was so happy to contribute to making this such a wonderful day for everyone, i will definitely be doing this again!

i packed my things and headed into richmond.  i dropped by Fabricana to make more chevron bowties before picking up the kids from my mom's.  as it turned out, chloe's wheezing from the previous day had worsened significantly and when i ran into the kitchen to smother them, i heard just how bad her wheezing had become.  her breathing was significantly laboured as she took breaths between every word.  my mom shooed me back into vancouver to take chloe to Children's while she continued to take care of moses.  we arrived at 6:30pm and did not leave until 10:30pm.
 she was so good and looked so damn adorable in her striped gown!
 she was given an inhaler which cleared her up quickly.  the nurse gave her a little teddy bear for doing the inhaler so well, which of course was named Chloe Bear.  she hated having the toe thingy on and repeatedly ripped it off.  our first two hours were up and i went to the in-hospital meter so i wouldn't have to carry her all the way to the car in the freezing cold wearing nothing but my thin skirt and Spring tops.  of course, it was asking me for my stall number which i did not have.  so we went out to find the stall number.  returned only to find that the meter only took stalls between 140-150 and we were 110!  so we had to go out again to use the meter that was by our car instead.  YAY!!!
 she got xrayed for possible pneumonia and was given a magic wand for being so good.
i was pooped.  i tried convincing her to lie down on the bed with me which didn't last very long.  i had her sit reclined in my lap while i sang Part of Your World, hoping she might fall asleep.  eventually we were set free with a prescription for whatever inhaler puffer they had given her.  drove back to richmond to pick up moses and then back home to tsawwassen.  

thankfully kevin had asked me what i needed help with for Aki's birthday the next day.  i would be boarding the 9am ferry and all the gifts i was making for him were supposed to be made in the time we were at the hospital.  he managed to get a bunch done so that once the kids were in bed, i could power through.  still ended up sleeping at 2am and had my alarm set for 7am.

having not finished everything, i packed my bag to finish the gifts while on the ferry.  i was so lucky that michelle picked up the phone this morning wide awake and totally happy to drive me to the ferry so that kevin and the kids could sleep off their late night.
 brought the tripod
picked up by Ryan's parents and surprised the pants off of Miranda!
exhausted but it was all worth it to finally meet little Akira (and family) in person after 3 years of internet stalking!
 so there you have it.  my seriously insane weekend.
more photos to come...
yup, it's 130am.

bon soir


  1. awww... hope chloe is feeling better! that is seriously a bonkers weekend, lady!!! you jam pack it! xo

  2. i was just thinking of you last night and was wondering why we have not yet gotten together for a playdate!


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