isn't it funny

this feeling inside...

another late night.
the kids were up early with kevin.  i was passed out for another hour.  moses cut himself twice with a knife.  they had climbed into the cutlery drawer and taken ALL the chopsticks and one knife.  wtf.

gave em a call to confirm hangouts with the kids.
they came over... eventually.  haha someone like me.
they arrived with these gluten-free carrot zucchini coconut muffins she was in the middle of making when i had first called.  they were so good.  yes, the rice flour gave it that almost grittier texture but i have long since adapted to the variety of textures that come with gluten free options.  mostly i was surprised at how tasty they still were with the veg in it.  the kids were diggin them.

i don't know what's wrong with me.  we haven't really gone for walks throughout the winter.  i wish i were braver to be more of an ALL SEASONS family.  it was a gorgeous day and actually "warm" for february.  felt more like march/april.  i wanted us to get exercise and fresh air.  NO LAZINESS!  so we walked to Beach Grove Park.   approximately a 20 minute brisk walk with a stroller.  i could have just had them walk to the local park within our complex.  i could have walked them to Beach Grove Elementary.  i could have said fuck it after 20-25 minutes of the time it took to walk to the school since the kids stopped to play twice per house on the 6 blocks of street.
playing hide and seek in everyone's yard
getting sand all over their pants and in their shoes 
collecting pine needles for a bird's nest

500 centuries later, we finally arrived.

they played and snacked and jumped and fell.  they chased and screamed and laughed and cried.  the usual.  em and i soaked up the sunshine in between helping them to balance or pee, to get them in and out of swings, or to act amazed at every imaginative idea or creation.
by now it was 1:30pm.  neither of really had eaten lunch and after the long walk and play, we were all pooped.  the long walk ahead seemed daunting, so we stopped to snack at the cafe.

not thinking it would take us so long to walk, i did not think it necessary to pack any food.  WRONG.  so very very WRONG and IGNORANT.  thank god em had at least brought some snacks and saved the box of Strawberry Pocky as a bribe to set a faster walking pace for the walk home.  GENIUS.  every ten houses they were given a stick.

and it worked.  through the tired legs and with naptime hour approaching, we somehow made it.  a few branches to the face and a couple reps of carrying the two little girlies, we made it.  the wind had started to blow cold in the last stretch and we were both trying to keep it together.

i put chloe to bed as kindly and patiently as i could.  so relieved that her body was tired enough to go straight to dreamland so i could try to have 10 minutes to myself.  this part of the day is the worst.  it's the 3pm wall of motherhood.  i have to tell moses to not talk to me, to not say a single word and of course the entire time i'm trying to tell him very seriously without freaking out to give me some space, he is rat-tat-tat-tating my face with questions.

klf had just arrived in town from Nanaimo and made a pitstop with us.  i gave her the prints she ordered when she was last visiting.  we hung out.
i loosened up out on the patio, sat down, and busted out my new sketchbook that's been sitting for a month.  we talked and enjoyed momo's entertaining qualities.  actually, i started observing him and took note of his personality traits/characteristics.  she took off shortly after.

starving.  brought out some hummus, cukes and rice crackers.
lucky catch
made inverted sandwiches to balance the cracker's saltiness
moses watched Busytown on the ipad
had tea for the first time in my valentine's day mug that i bought for myself a few week's ago at west elm when i went to rent the wide angle from Beau's.  and it wasn't even Earl Grey.  i opted for caffeine free chamomile.  WOW.  ME: RELAXING.  good old mary jane.
and as it turned out the tea and the mug were a perfect match.

happy friday


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