Tera and Kat trekked down from the mountains of North Van to us Southerners in Tsawwassen for a long awaited playdate.  They had one of December's cold/flu varieties and were unable to make it to Chloe's birthday and the last time we saw them was at the Halloween party so it was about time!  I promise we will come out to you for our next play!

My house was in major disarray.  Tera was kind to not bat an eye.

I love KAT.
she has the coolest voice.  a little raspy.  a little low.  and she has such a cool way of speaking, her intonation is so... RAD for lack of a better word.  i want to be her best friend.  she's lovely, sweet, quiet but definitely has a badass attitude about her.  for instance, she is in love with Halloween and everything that is monstrous or skeletal.  she likes scary things.

i made a baked cauliflower'n'cheese with cherry tomatoes.  strawberry cucumber smoothie.  we had my new obsession: Medjool dates with cream cheese and a sprinkling of cinnamon, courtesy of KLF.  we had apples and nuts and Earl Grey tea.

the kids played so well.  i love having such well-behaved kids come over for playdates.  there is no re-training my children for a week or reasoning as to why so-and-so can do something we do not do.  oh the joys of parenting...

we went out for a walk in the rain after lunch.  we took the long way to the rec centre where the kids played on top of the snow from the ice rink.  after falling in a few puddles and sliding around on the snow, it was time to head back.  everyone hurried back inside to keep warm and dry on the couch with 101 Dalmations.

this girl has such rock star quality.  
what better way to accessorize this mini heavenly heathen in anything else than a red scarf with skulls for valentine's day topped off with some heavy metal for her tiny wrist.
rock'n'roll to a little confused to totally silly and then...
sweet as a cupcake!

i hope she thinks i'm cool
after all i also made her a personal grilled cheese on a skull and crossbones plate!

where do these beautiful children come from?  
and why do they all have such gorgeous hair??!!!


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