That's A Wrap!

Moses and I were cast as part of a larger group to take part in some new ad campaign for BC Hydro.  we spent the last two days in East Van in a mini duplex, both sides that had received an equal amount of TLC and renovating to turn them into gorgeous little homes.

it was a great experience.  everyone, aboslutely everyone was so pleasant and laid-back.  everyone acted like we were doing a favour for them when really i felt like i was on some mini vacation.  i arrived looking like a bum.  Katrina and her neon orange nails would do my make up and hair while dropping a compliment here and there throughout our undisturbed adult conversations.  Sarah figured out my wardrobe.  moses played with his toys and the toys that belonged to the children on the one side of the duplex.  we both indulged in the breakfast pastries and i woke myself up with coffee, sitting in the kitchen or on a couch with a magazine.

seriously.  what life is this?

i've started using instagram again.  i had to stop because i couldn't figure out how to get my hpotos off my phone and i had no memory left to take more photos.

day 1
we arrived late.  we arrived on time.  the morning was crazy.  ainge was late.  we arrived at 10am.  i realized half way that lindsay had changed the time to 9am and i was really REALLY freaking out.  i detoured all over as Union is full of dead ends.  i found the house, parked and as i scrambled outside, a lovely lady welcomed me.  i apologized, frazzled and embarassed. apparently i was not late and they hadn't started.  ARGH!/PHEW!  we settled into the kitchen and had a few pastries and coffee.
momo had two cinnamon buns, half a chocolate croissant and 2 enormous cookies
the first day.  a few bites of my sandwich at lunch.  and some juice.
he also ran headfirst into the door before we even began shooting
moses with his adoptive daddy Wade

it was a good first day.  we were sent home a little early which allowed us just enough time to sneak through traffic.  chloe and ainge were happy clams.  apparently chloe just gossiped to ainge the entire day about the going ons of the gang of four residence.  she stayed for dinner.
 "momo hit me...  momo no like me"
"mommy frustrated...  momo no listen"
and so on and so forth
not sure how kev and i pulled this impromptu dinner out of our ass, but it was great.  or maybe that was the intoxication?  no, it was definitely super tasty, particularly the roasted veg, the beets especially.
muffin.  she is a muffin. 
chloe is a punk rocker

day 2
pear brie prociutto walnuts = SUPER NOM
sammy of choice two days in a row
i asked kevin if i looked like this
"... not at me you don't" was his response

"but does it LOOK like me??"
" looks like you a few years ago?"

well there you have it folks.  this is what i looked like prior to children

i brought my camera today to grab a few shots of our time here.
momo watched shows and became great buddies with Hubert, the photographer
hanging up laundry to save power
clothespin master
his poor face
my little guy
playing in the little girl's room
such nice light 
a few vanity shots
 the day was long.  it went well.  moses was mostly cooperative but both of us became quite weary as the day came to an end.  he didn't want to listen.  he started acting like a little shit.  and i ended up losing my shit in front of everyone which included a spanking threat.  the other mom assured me she totally sympathized and then rolled her eyes as she told me about her 14 year old daughter...
we packed our bags, got back into our own clothes and picked up chloe and renee for dinner at Foundy
salad, mingling yams, upper east side and mango forte
moses hoovering his mango and black beans
lol he was vigorously shaking his head back and forth and was rather disappointed to see that he had not ruined the photo.  "it's not blurry!!!"  damn right little butthole!

sigh.  again, a great experience.  
hopefully we'll get to do a few more of these in the future!

time to sleep.  back to reality tomorrow.


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